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    awesome show, and another great episode!!

    By firefox_8, Jan 22, 2008

    Awesome i honestly cant get enough of this show, and this ep was definitely one of my faves. we can see how differently Kyle sees the world around him in contrast to his family in this episode. jessi's character arch reminds me of tess from roswell anyone else think so? Her leap off of the cliff brightened my day! I am no follower of the Jessi train - her character while tragically and beautifully flawed i dont really buy it, honestly im kind of sick of that poor deer-in-the-headlights look she alwyas has on her face. kyle and the rest of his family as characters are well written and i really like declan's dynamic with them. And what about poor Amanda?? she's off to new york for paino tuition, now what - what does that mean for her and kyle? THIS is why i keep watching the show!!! awesome awesome awesome!moreless

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  • 9.8

    Jessi becomes missing and Kyle believes it is his job to find her and find out why so is involved in his life.

    By hikinggirl70, Sep 24, 2007

    This was a great episode and I like all the twists and turns and all the emotion it went though. Kyle and Jessi are on a road trip to find out what the photo means and where it might lead them. Jessi believes she is a bad person and doesn't think Kyle should be nice to her. Jessi wants to find the girl in the photo and see if she can be her family. Jessi knows her sister is not really her sister and that she doesn't love her. Kyle wants to help her out and follows the hidden map on the ring that Adam gave Kyle before he died. Along the way, Jessi and Kyle enter a diner and the old man recognizes the couple from long ago, they look exactly the same. When Kyle is at the juke box and sees the title of Adams favorite song, he tries to play it but it is missing. That was the first clue Kyle needed to unlock the where abouts of Adam's hideaway cabin. I liked the idea of Adam giving clues in helping him find the path to find the answers for him and Jessi. Craving the initials on the table was another clue. Adam must have known Kyle would one day be using the hidden map since he did give the ring to him. When Jessi and Kyle finally find the hidden cabin and investigate it, they find a door that has a special kind of key to open it. When Kyle presses some buttons, it was Jessi who figured out it must be the song's melody to open it. When Kyle calls Amanda to play the song, you can hear Amanda worried voice when she knows Jessi is with him. Amanda was been hurt before and doesn't want it to happen again. Kyle wants to tell her all about himself but doesn't want to put her in danger. Boy this must eat up Kyle since he cares for Amanda a lot. When Kyle hears the song and thanks Amanda, she asks if he would be home before she lives. Kyle says that he hopes so but I don't think he will say good-bye with all that has happened. Kyle plays the melody on the lock and the door opens. Inside we find Adam hooked up with all these wires scanning his brain waves. Kyle tries to enter Adams subconscious but he needs a little help from Jessi since they are stronger together. When both of them are trying to read Adams thoughts, Adam tells Kyle Jessi has portrayed him. Jessi tricked Kyle to let his guard down and she read the information Medacorp needed. Jessi ran out of the room and toward the cliff. Kyle runs after her and asks her why she did that. I was very mad as her that I was hoping Kyle would kick her butt. They start fighting and it seems Jessi wants to report her findings to her fake sister. This was not the case. Jessi finally brakes free and jumps off the cliff and into the water down below. We don't know if she can survive the fall or even if she can swim. Jessi could be alive or dead. At the end of this episode all I was thinking about is will Jessi hurt Kyle in the future. I think if Kyle would have gotten to Jessi before Madacorp did, things would have been different for the show and the characters. I hope we get some answers when the season starts again.moreless

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    The season finale, sort of.

    By Dark_Davis, Sep 21, 2007

    This being the last episode before the break I expected to be left hanging but I didn't know what to expect quality wise. In a way I did, I expect that almost every episode will be great, but this episode really lived up to the shows recent greatness. Usually when a show leaves you hanging, it does so in a way that really makes you want to see the next episode. But when a show does that about 10 times worse then any other show, and then leaves you hanging for a couple of months, that really makes you go nuts. The episodes leading up to this finale were just awesome, and this half of the season has been so good, I can't even begin to describe how awesome it was. The show is going places, and I can not wait until the next half of the season starts up, I know it will be good, it's just a matter of waiting for it.moreless

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    Jessi's actions are puzzling to me...as perhaps they should be. (Spoiler Warning)

    By CollegePoet08, Sep 07, 2007

    It seems that throughout the season we have seen Jessi struggling with who she is and fighting her 'programming' it seems like she has broken free from her program because she no longer believes the life story that was fed to her. So if she has succeeded in breaking free and is now just a confused kid, as Kyle once was, why would she betray Kyle like her programming told her to? Brainwashing should only be effective when you are unaware it is in place; as a function of the subconcious brain, once it moves into the stream of conscious thought it is no longer in control of our decisions. Its like when you are doing something out of habit/reflex, like riding your bike or blinking; you don't take any conscious thought to consider what you are doing. But if you become aware of what you are doing and begin to focus on your actions they are no longer automatic and may even begin to seem strange to you. So now that Jessi's subconscious programming has been moved into her conscious thought it would seem unlikely that she "couldn't help [herself]", as she told Kyle when he asked her why she had taken the information from his mind. So the question is did she do it out of programming or because she feels that helping Madacorp is the only way for her to be free like Emily promised her? Also, if she did it on purpose why did she feel guilty enough afterwards to jump over the falls; did she do it just to make a quick escape and get the info back to Madacorp?

    One more question, away from the topic of Jessi, is why would the house appear as if no one had lived there for a long time? Baylin is obviously in no condition to monitor his equipment and take care of the necessary functions himself, so someone would have to be around, and the house would be the only place for them to be when they aren't with Baylin. My guess is that Tom Foss is the one who has been taking care of Baylin. This is based on the facts that A)Baylin told Kyle the ring was all he needed, and told Kyle that he knew where he needed to go, so Foss must have known about the cabin already, and B)I think this must be where/why Foss disappeared for so long when he left Kyle alone, in order to check on Baylin.

    Unfortunately we have to wait awhile to find the answers to these questions....all I can say is at least it isn't as bad as LOST :)moreless

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  • 9.3

    Kyle and Jessi discover something out by route 12

    By expatriot, Sep 06, 2007

    I had to select "nerve-wracking" because even though this was a superb episode, it left too many things unanswered.

    I simply don't understand this idea of a mid-season finale. It's either a finale, in which case I would have hoped for a few more answers. Or it's just the episode before a long (really long) hiatus. In which case I understand the cliff-hanger ending (as much as I hate those) but still would've preferred some answers...

    Nevertheless, a superb episode with one scene that stole my heart. Josh taking a stand against the rest of the family was heart-breaking and heart-warming. I had hoped Declan would give the Tragers at least some answers, if only so as not the spoil the chances of a reconcilliation with Lori.

    I don't think Jessi is dead, I'm pretty sure she will return, but, since I've never liked her character, I hope she doesn't.moreless

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    By overth3moon, Sep 06, 2007

    That was a great mid-season finale! If the ending wasn't so open ended, the emotion of it made it worthy of a series finale. Loved every part..the inclusion of Amanda, Declan, the Tragers, Foss, Jessi and Kyle of course, and even Emily. Cleverly written, emotional, interesting, twisting, jaw dropping. I can't wait for Kyle to go back to the Tragers and explain all. And to Amanda as well..that should be very interesting seeing everyones reactions. How will everyone react to Jessi's "death"? Did she die? Will Adam Baylin be revived? I love how Josh, the one most adament about Kyle's weirdness to start, got angry and rebelled against when the rest of the family started to doubt him..ironic and touching. And of course, Kyle was his usual beautiful self, inside and out.

    abcfamily just keeps getting better. Here's to the second part of season two! I can't wait, it's torture!moreless

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  • 9.2

    It was a good episode, but not the finale I was hoping it to be.

    By greenberry26, Sep 05, 2007

    Again a lot of interesting things happen in this episode. The adventure of Kyle and Jessi was really interesting, especially the part in the cafe where the old man remembered them coming into the cafe before.

    I also thought that the love story between Adam and the Jessi-lookalike is really touching and maybe that story also has something to do with Kyle and Jessi. I even thought that Kyle and Jessi could have made a good match. :P lol

    It was really weird to see Adam in that cabin. I thought that the one they would find there would be Jessi's lookalike. I had a feeling though that Jessi might betray Kyle. This is another interesting storyline, as Jessi may have been programmed to 'use' Kyle and take information from him, but her own feelings feel that it is not a good thing to do.

    It was a good episode, but still not the finale I was looking for. I was expecting a scene which is like the one where we see the note 'Dont trust Foss' or the one where Kyle opens Adam's box wherein there is a big surprise at the end of the episode. It gives a nicer effect and leaves you more excited for the next episode.

    In my opinion, Jessi jumping off a cliff wasn't the best scene they could offer. And that is precisely because we all know that Jessi will not die and will be back to finish the season.

    Anyways, it was a good first half of Kyle, and looking forward for more in January. :Dmoreless

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    Words to describe this episode: AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC!!!

    By alibeth25, Sep 05, 2007

    I think this is the best episode of Kyle XY, ever!! I can't wait for the second half of the season. I loved this episode. And I'm dying to see how everything turns out. I can't wait for Kyle to the Trager's his secret. And I want to know if Jessi is alive and if that was really Adam Baylin. And if it is, how is he still alive? One thing I was kind of hoping to see in this episode was Declan telling the Trager's Kyle's secret. I wanted them to find out everything. I guess I'll have to wait for new eps. I scene that I loved, was when Josh stood up for Kyle. In this episode, he didn't like trying to find out who Kyle is. I loved it when he was telling Lori and their parents that Kyle is their brother, their son. Why must shows always go on hiatus? I think it's to drive the fans crazy. Leave 'em wanting more. Well, they succeeded. I can't wait for new episodes. As soon as I find out when the second half of the season premieres, I'll be counting down the days.moreless

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    How cool was this episode, huh! Awesome. Perfect season finale.

    By betanoir, Sep 05, 2007

    This is why I love Kyle XY - it's exciting, smart, original, tense, well written, and charming. It brings out the family values, but in a non-pathetic kinda way, and it's very enjoyable to watch.

    This season finale was perfect, because it solved some old mysteries, introduced us to some new ones, and had the kind of ending that makes you count the days before the next season starts! Plus there was some cool ass-kicking at the end, too! ;) I really enjoyed watching this episode and guessing what will happen next. I'm thinking Jessi is not dead, but she's also not evil like she thinks she is, which will give great material for the third season. Looking forward to it!moreless

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