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  • Title: Kyou Kara Maoh! Translation: Demon King From Now On!Yuuri Shibuya thought he was just another ordinary Japanese student, but getting flushed down a toilet into another dimension has a way of changing how one thinks. Black hair and black eyes identify him as the Maoh, the next demon king of Shin Makoku, kingdom of the Mazoku. And it's no picnic to go from thinking you're human to finding out you're the head of a kingdom almost at war with humans, either.Kind, compassionate, and filled with a solid conviction to do what's right, Yuuri is like no other Maoh before him. He is convinced that there's always a peaceful way to solve every problem. "I won't resort to war! When I became the Maoh, that's what I decided!"With Conrad, Wolfram, his Maoh spirit, and all his other loyal supporters to help him, Yuuri just may succeed at changing the world for the better.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 3 : Ep 39

    Until the Day We Can Meet Again (Finale)

    Aired 2/19/09

  • S 3 : Ep 38

    A Place to Return to

    Aired 2/12/09

  • S 3 : Ep 37

    Sad Howl

    Aired 1/29/09

  • S 3 : Ep 36

    The Power of Truth

    Aired 1/22/09

  • S 3 : Ep 35

    The Unfulfilled Promise

    Aired 1/15/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa

    Konrad (Jap)

  • Takahiro Sakurai

    Yuuri Shibuya (Jap)

  • Kazuhiko Inoue

    Gunter Von Christ

  • Mitsuki Saiga

    Wolfram (Jap)

  • Unshou Ishizuka

    Stoffel (Jap)

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  • asian_lamia

    User Score: 91


  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (61)

    • Yuri: How is this possible? I must be the first person in history to be flushed down the toilet!

    • Yuri: This has got to be a joke! I'm being sucked into a black hole inside a toilet! Either that or there is one gigantic vacuum cleaner down here!

    • Lady Cecilie: Wolfy, it's you! You haven't changed; you're still the spitting image of me! All the men here must be lusting after you! Wolfram: Mother, calm down! I just saw you this morning! Besides, I'm not really into having men lusting after me.

    • (Conrad hands Yuri a black G-String) Yuri: What's this? Conrad: It's kind of our standard underwear. Not the best in winter, but- Gunter: Oh! I'm so sorry! The naughtiest, most irresponsible image just flashed in my mind! I must go clear my head!

    • (Yuuri slaps Wolfram over a nasty comment about his mother.) Gunter: Your Majesty! Your Majesty... Konrad: You must listen to reason! You must take it back, sire--immediately. Yuuri: I'm sorry, Konrad, but you heard what he said! I'm not taking it back; he should've known to keep his mouth shut! As long as it's about me, I don't care what kind of trash talk he throws around, but when he insults my mother, he crosses the line! (to Wolfram) You've got a lot of nerve! Who do you think you are? Gunter: My lord-- Yuuri: I'm not taking it back--not ever!! Cheri: So you're telling us what's done is done and that's final? Yuuri: Right! Cheri: Wonderful! (Yuuri looks confused.) Then the pact is sealed and love is in bloom! Yuuri: Are we talking gardening? Cheri: See, Wolfy, darling? It's just like I told you--the gentlemen can't leave you alone! Yuuri: (still confused) What do you mean, gentlemen? Me? (to Gunter) Hey, wait a minute! Gunter, will you please explain what's going on?! Gunter: I'd be more than happy to. You see, in accordance with our kingdom's ancient ritual, you just asked for his hand. Yuuri: What? I asked for his hand? Don't tell me-- Gunter That's correct, sire. You've just asked him to marry you. Yuuri: him? I'm engaged to a guy?!! And I'm the one who proposed?! How the heck did I do that??

    • Wolfram: And why are you taking your clothes off?(to Yuri) Günter: Oh my Celi: Oh dear Gwendal: Oh please

    • Gunter: You have three new wrinkles in your brow! Bad omen! Bad omen!

    • Yuri: Good to see you too but, your nose is running!

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    Notes (52)

    • The producer of Kyou Kara Maou! is Yuji Shibata, whose name is suspiciously similar to Yuri Shibuya-only two letters away.

    • The Japanese title of this episode is "Duel! Hot Boy vs. Baseball Boy"

    • Wolfram gets horribly sea sick while on ships.

    • According to Gunter, breaking vase(s) or Gwendal having new wrinkles on his brow are all bad omens.

    • The official Geneon title for this episode is "The Terror of Morgif, A Man-Eating Demon Sword?"

    • The official Geneon title of this episode is "Runaway? Stray? Demon Sword in Motion!"

    • The official Geneon title of this episode is "The Hand of Evil Looms Closer!"

    • The official Geneon title for this episode is "The Demon King Case File!"

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    Trivia (30)

    • Despite being flushed down the toilet Yuri ends up on dry land no where near water and dry. When he returns to earth he is is still dry despite being pulled into water. This is the one and ONLY time in the whole of the series that this happens.

    • Günter von Christ Name : Günter von Christ Alias : Mr. Beautiful Hair Race : Demon Gender : Male Hair : Very Light Purple Eyes : Light Purple Status : Advisor to the Maou

    • Conrad Weller Name : Lord Conrad Weller Alias : The Lion of Luttenberg, Enticing Eyes, Commander Race : Half human, Half demon Gender : Male Age : ? Hair : Brown Eyes : Brown Height : ? Weight : ? Status : Commander

    • Yuri Shibuya Name : Yuri Shibuya Alias : Baseball boy, Your Majesty aka 'Heika', Wimp (Wolfram von Bielefeld's preferred nickname), Shibuya Yuri Harajuku Furi Race : Half human, Half demon Gender : Male Age : 15 years old Hair : Black Eyes : Black Height : 171cm. Weight : 40kg. Status : Maou of the Demons.

    • Gwendal von Voltaire Name : (Lord) Gwendal von Voltaire Alias : - Race : Demon Gender : Male Hair : Black Eyes : Blue Status : Commander of the Demon Army

    • Wolfram von Bielefeld Name : (Lord) Wolfram von Bielefeld Alias : Blondie, Spoiled Brat, Little Lord Brat (by Günter and Anissina), Pretty Boy Race : Demon Gender : Male Age : 82 years old Hair : Blonde Eyes : Green Height : 171 cm Weight : 52 kg Status : Fiance to Yuuri Quote : "Now listen, you think you're cute and maybe you actually are, but being cute doesn't make it okay for you to be unfaithful."

    • Gwendal likes to knit.

    • Morgif's full name is Willem Du Soleil Eli De Morgif.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Yuri constantly calls Morgif "Mel Gib", which is a nod at famous movie star Mel Gibson.

    • One of the man's name in this episode is Louis Vuillon. A luxury French fashion and leather goods brand and company headquartered in Paris, France.

    • The tiara that Princess Elizabeth wore gave her a sailor moon-like resemblance.

  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • I really like this series a lot. I found it by concidence, and I don't regret it seen it right now. I love the characters, they are really charming and beautiful. This series is hilarious, I laugh a lot.

    By eli15, Mar 11, 2008

  • Normal, baseball loving, Yurri gets sucked into a boys harem when he tries to defend a classmate. Who would have thought that the welcome wagon would crown him king?

    By MyValentina, Oct 28, 2007

  • miaka got sucked into a book but yuri got flushed down the toilet, or should i say sucked by the toilet into another world, another dimension where humans and demons co-exist but on the verge of a war.

    By pigeondude, Aug 08, 2007

  • down the toilet towards royalty

    By smilerooney, Aug 02, 2007

  • When a show begins with the main character being pysically flushed down a toilet, it's hard to tear your eyes away. From then on, the show continues to keep us captivated and surpised with its originality.

    By Dreka_Rai, May 01, 2007