L. A. Doctors

A Prayer for the Lying

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 10/5/98
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  • Episode Description
  • After much fuss, Roger convinces the other partners they should buy a patient list from Dr. Daniel Dalsky, who's about to retire. Roger pays a great deal for the list but figures it'll be lucrative anyway as there are lots of celebrities on the list. Sarah examines her patient, Rosalind, who's finally pregnant after trying for seven years. Sarah discovers Rosalind has a serious infection that needs surgery but this may jeopardize the baby's life. Evan is called to the home of Robert and Carol Edwards to check on their daughter, Tiana. Tiana, a former wild rebel, almost died in an accident some time back and has since become a strict religious. Now she's sick but she believes that only God can save her and gets Evan to promise not to take her to the hospital. Roger celebrates the new patient list at a fancy restaurant with his date Alyssa, Tim and Julie, Evan, and Sarah and her unsympathetic husband Steven. An awkward situation arises as Kelly comes into the same restaurant with a date. Evan goes to talk to her and Roger discovers by accident that an affair is what ruined Kelly and Evan's marriage. Nina warns Roger that they can't afford to have the new celebrity patient list. Tom Arnold is one of the celebrity patients but both he and the others turn out to be far more difficult to deal with than Roger has assumed. Roger is offended that Evan didn't tell him Kelly has had an affair. It develops into a big discussion and Evan has to seeks solace with Sarah, who reveals that Stephen once cheated on her too. Roger is forced to priorotize Tom Arnold and the others over his regular patients and after waiting terribly long, the elderly Mr. Mitski tells Roger he's fired as his doctor. After some soulsearching, Roger tells Nina he wants to sell the celebrity list. However, Tom Arnold demands to stay on as his patient. Tiana's condition worsens drastically and Evan rushes her to the hospital where she is saved at the last minute. But Tiana has now violated her beliefs: she could might as well be dead. Sarah operates on Rosalind and the baby survives. Roger travels all the way to Mr. Mitski's home to convince him to let him be his doctor again.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ken Olin

    Dr. Roger Cattan

  • Matt Craven

    Dr. Tim Lonner

  • Sheryl Lee

    Dr. Sarah Church

  • Rick Roberts

    Dr. Evan Newman

  • Peter Markle

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