L.A. Dragnet

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  • Friday: Maybe he's a good kid, maybe he's not. All we know for sure, he killed two people. Macias: That's all that matters? Friday: For Cops? Yes. If you don't like it go be a social worker or volunteer for Father Sosa.

  • Friday: You were good in there. You were objective. You did your job with integrity. That's what I expect out of my detectives. Just the facts.

  • Friday: (looking at photos on the wall at Hellman's) Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Stone Gossard... McCarron: You know those guys? Friday: They're signed.

Notes (46)

  • Ed O'Neill and Ethan Embry co-starred together in the 1991 comedy Dutch, and are reunited for the first time since then.

  • This episode got a 7.7 rating and 13 share helping it make the top 20 shows with a rank of 20. It came in 2nd for the timeslot (Sunday 10 PM)

  • This episode got a 7.5 rating and 12 share for the Sunday 10 PM timeslot helping it rank 35 for the week of Feb. 9 to the 16. It came in second for that time period.

  • Close. Actually, the setting for "Emergency" was Los Angeles County Fire Station 51.

  • The fire truck attending the burnt-out car is engine 54. Engine 54 was the number of the truck in the television series Emergency!. Both Emergency! and the original Dragnet series were created by Jack Webb, the original Det. Joe Friday.

  • This episode got a 5.6 rating and 9 share for the 10 PM Sunday timeslot. It was 3rd for that slot losing to the Grammy Awards and a movie on NBC.

  • This episode had a network rating of 7.4 and 13 share, coming in first for the 10 PM Sunday time slot. It ranked 37th for the week.

  • This episode had a 6.5 rating and 11 share, coming in second for the Sunday 10 PM time slot. It ranked 37th for the week.

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Trivia (1)

  • Turning on close captioning during the Hellman interrogation where is offers likely suspects who would want to frame him, he talks about how his daughter turned out the way she did. In the captions was the following "At least it beats the alternative" Smith:What's that? "Turning her into me." The captioning attributed the off camera response to Smith and not McCarron who actually spoke that line.