L.A. Firefighters

L.A. Fire (Pilot)

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 6/3/96
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  • Episode Description
  • The members of Fire Co. 132 are led by Captain Jack Malloy. The rest of the team include: the experienced Kay Rizzo, a brave firefighter who doesn't open up easily; Ray Grimes, a courageous black firefighter for whom this job was a way out of the Ghetto; Lenny Rose, the team's greenhorn who keeps bringing his kinky girlfriend Flame to the fire station; the spiritually inclined J.B. Baker; and Phil Regan, an old school friend of Jack who is starting to get sloppy. The team's newest member is Erin Coffy. Although a gifted firefighter, Erin is constantly getting a somewhat skeptical eye from her father, fire brigade boss Dick Coffy. Erin is also struggling with a crush on Jack. The team runs into problems while trying to evacuate a burning house. J.B. is confronted with an overweight woman who refuses to leave her house and points a shotgun at him. Meanwhile, Phil panics, leaving his partner Jack alone. Luckily, a branch on the extendible ladder turns out to be the last-minute rescue for Jack and a small girl. During another accident, Kay and J.B. have to perform first help but it is all in vain as the man dies. Kay is terribly upset and starts crying. Later, at the gang's hang-out bar, Phil utters some racist remarks. Ray is so infuriated that he punches him. Everyone is struggling with personal problems: Jack's wife Laura is frustrated that he's never at home, and Ray struggles with his drug-using little brother Bobby. Kay makes friends with Erin and reveals a long hidden secret: she was once married but left her husband after their young son got sick and died. After some of the guys help a lady's pet snake get down from a tree, arson investigator Bernie Ramirez spots an arsonist but the culprit manages to escape. It is most likely that this person is the one behind several fires. Jack tries to make peace within his team by confronting Phil. During another fire, Kay and Phil are to use chainsaws to cut through a burning tenement roof but everything goes wrong when Phil falls into the flames. Ray puts his own life on the line and manages to pull him out. But it is all too late for Phil, who later dies at the hospital, leaving everyone (especially Jack) devastated.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Miguel Sandoval

    Bernie Ramirez

  • Brian Leckner

    J.B. Baker

  • Carlton Wilborn

    Ray Grimes

  • Brian Smiar

    Dick Coffy (Season 1)

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    Laura Malloy (Season 1)

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