Land of the Lost (1991)

ABC (ended 1992)
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  • A remake of the popular 1974 series of the same name. The show tells the story of the Porter family - Tom, Kevin, and Annie - who get sucked into a prehistoric world while taking a vacation. The Porters build a tree house, hook up with a few locals, Tasha (an orphaned, extra smart dinosaur), Stink (a monkey man), and Christa (another human who has lived in the Land of the Lost since she was a little girl). The Porters must deal with living with dinosaurs and avoiding the evil advanced Sleestaks. Their mom was long dead before they got there and there aren't any "early humanoids" there either ========================= After the show's cancelation the show aired in syndication on Saturday mornings and on the kids cable network, Nickelodeon. ======================== DVD Release Several episodes of the 1991 series were released on VHS, but they are no longer in production, but you can still buy them used. 1974 series has been released on DVD. ============================== Theme Song Lyrics Our vacation began, mapping out a plan. But the map never showed danger down the road! We felt our car was shakin' as the Earth was quakin'! Now there's nowhere to hide - it's the ride of our lives! Now we've crossed the line - fallen through time, living in the Land Of The Lost! What a world we've found, deep underground - living in the Land Of The Lost! This world is strange and new - See the triple moons! But don't you turn your back - you'll become a snack! 'Cuz some tyrannosaurus could be hungry for us! We'll need to make some friends - the wonder never ends! Now we've crossed the line - fallen through time, living in the Land Of The Lost! We've opened the door and found dinosaurs - living in the Land Of The Lost! Living in the Land Of The Lost - Land Of The Lost! ========================== Awards for "Land of the Lost" (1991) Young Artist Awards 1994 Nominated -- "Best Youth Actor Leading Role in a Television Series" -- Daniel Steven Gonzalez 1993 Nominated -- "Best Young Actor in a Off-Primetime Series" --Robert Gavin 1993 Nominated -- "Best Young Actress in an Off-Primetime Series" -- Jenny Drugan 1992 Nominated -- "Best Off-Primetime or Cable Family Series" 1992 Nominated -- "Best Young Actor Starring in an Off-Primetime or Cable Series" -- Robert Gavin 1992 Nominated "Best Young Actress Starring in an Off-Primetime or Cable Series" -- Jenny Drugan ======================== SERIES CREW: Directed by Anthony Bona John Carl Buechler Jeff Burr Frank De Palma Ernest D. Farino Len Janson John Strysik Gabe Torres Produced by Charles Chiodo .... co-producer Edward Chiodo .... co-producer Stephen Chiodo .... co-producer Len Janson .... producer Marty Krofft .... producer Sid Krofft .... producer Neil Lundell .... line producer Chuck Menville .... producer Original Music by Kevin Kiner Cinematography by R. Michael Stringer Film Editing by Dan Selakovich Chris Worland Production Design by Gene Abel Costume Design by Greg La Voi Makeup Department Dean Jones .... makeup department head Production Management Rick Blumenthal .... production supervisor Neil Lundell .... unit production manager Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Chris Edmonds .... first assistant director Scott K. Harris .... second second assistant director Neil Kinsella .... first assistant director (1992) Tony Schwartz .... second assistant director Art Department Burk Sauls .... story-board artist Richard K. Wright .... property master (1991-1992) Special Effects by Steve Fink .... animatronic effects: Chiodo Brothers Productions Dan Frye .... figure finishing: Chiodo Bros Productions Visual Effects by Tim Donahue .... visual effects supervisor Joel Fletcher .... stop-motion animator Other crew Kim Blanchette .... stop-motion animator Kent Burton .... stop motion animator Bundy Chanock .... set medic Ann Christman .... production assistant Suzy Doudy .... production assistant David Gerrold .... developer Len Janson .... story editor Tom Jensen .... first assistant camera Marc Lougee .... animator Stephan Rothman .... production accountant Don Waller .... stop motion animator George Wells .... key grip Mary Wright .... script supervisor =================== Production Companies * Krofft Entertainment Special Effects * Chiodo Brothers Productions ===================moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Misery Loves Company

    Aired 12/5/92

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Sorceress's Apprentice

    Aired 11/28/92

  • S 2 : Ep 11


    Aired 11/21/92

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Make My Day

    Aired 11/14/92

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    Annie in Charge

    Aired 11/7/92

  • Cast & Crew
  • Timothy Bottoms

    Tom Porter

  • Danny Mann

    voice of Tasha

  • Ed Gale


  • Bobby Porter


  • Brian Williams


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  • Quotes (1)

    • (After the Serpent gaurding her is destroyed, The Siren explains her story) The Siren: (saddened) I know it is hard to believe, but I was once a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, my beauty became more important then my family, so I was sentenced here to this place. With no hope of ever seeing the one's I love in the next life. Thomas Porter: So the Serpent...? The Siren: Was my Jailer... Thomas Porter: (sympathy) I'm so sorry. The Siren: So I used my Music to bring you here. (Sobbing) That was wrong! Thomas Porter: Yes but I understand how you must feel. I felt the same way about my work, my career always came first (looks depressed) In fact my wife and I argued about that on occasion from time to time. You see i've been trying to make up for it, to my children ever since. The Siren: (sympathetic) Guilt can eat your life away if you let it.

  • Fan Reviews (7)
  • Family is magically transported to a land filled with dinosaurs and prehistoric life forms.

    By twilightboy, Dec 23, 2006

  • Grew up watching

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

  • Should Have Never Been Cancelled

    By billy1981, Oct 16, 2012

  • Not as creative as the original series, but it is fun for the family and the special effects are better then the original.

    By mrsitcom, Jan 16, 2007

  • Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair.

    By leepaovang, Jun 09, 2006