Land of the Lost

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Quotes (13)

  • Will: (watching Holly boil water) Careful not to burn it. Holly: You can't burn water. Will: The way you cook you can. Holly: (whining) Daddy!

  • Holly: (yelling at Grumpy) You big dope. Rick: Now Holly, don't go calling Grumpy names. I mean, it's not his fault that he' s stupid.

  • Rick: (referring to Grumpy) He never learns, does he? Holly: Well, what do you expect? His brain's only the size of a walnut.

  • Holly: (looking at Spot) Isn't he cute? Rick: He may be cute Holly, but he's still a dinosaur and that makes him dangerous. Holly: I think I'll name him....Spot. Will: Spot?! Are you kidding?! That thing out there is bigger than any dog I've ever seen.

  • Rick: (holding Sleestak bones) Do you know what these are? Collie: Sure. First year I was here, shot three of 'em. Biggest dang yankees ya ever saw. They weren't bad, though - tasted a whole lot like lobster. But yet again, not like lobster if ya know what I mean. Course, they don't bother me much...anymore. Rick: Well the next one you see might shoot back. They have crossbows - and they think we taste good too.

  • Collie(referring to his cannon): Ol Sherry here, she don't talk much, but when she do, you better listen!

  • Will: Where's our carrot? Holly: Maybe a giant bunny stole it. Rick: Well, whatever it is, it might still be around - and it might not be a strict vegetarian.

  • Rick(shaking): What you're doing to us now - attacking our minds - isn't this just as bad as the physical violence that eventually destroyed your people? Enik: You gave me no choice. Rick: Enik, when you go back to the others to explain how to keep their anger in check, tell them that it's allright to destroy those who oppose them, as long as it's done dispassionately - without feeling, without anger. Enik: I do not understand. Rick: It is not the absence of hate that will save your people, but it is the presence of compassion, and of feeling. And if you can't grasp that, then your race is doomed forever, no matter what you do.

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Notes (38)

  • Continuity mistake: In the night scene where the Marshalls follow Cha-ka, Grumpy arrives to scare them all in various directions. When the family runs into their cave, and the subsequent grump scene that follows, it is full daylight. They scare the dinosaur off with the "flyswatter", and retire to finish off their sleep. Obviously, the scene was added as stock Grumpy footage and there was little money at the time to add a night scene with the animal.

  • This is the first episode in which a pylon appears (although only the outside is shown).

  • This is the first episode in which the Marshalls use the "flyswatter."

  • This is the only episode that star Wesley Eure doesn't sing the theme song for.

  • Spot is also named in this episode.

  • Cha-ka is introduced along with Sa and Ta.

  • Grumpy is named in this episode.

  • This is the first appearance of Spike the Triceratops.

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Trivia (19)

  • What are the Sleestak doing out in broad daylight? They are supposed to be afraid of bright light.

  • When Dopey is chasing them, Will's leg, even though he is in front of Dopey, is behind Dopey.

  • After they get in the Cave, Holly's pants turn from red to black. Near the end, when they follow the soldier out of the cave, they're red again.

  • Enik was originally going to be called Eneg which is Gene spelled backwards (in honor of Gene Roddenberry) by writer Walter (Chekov) Koenig but the producers changed this as too obvious.

  • In the DVD commentary for this episode Wesley Eure (Will) and Kathy Coleman (Holly) mention that the Sleestak are over ten feet tall and many were played by professional basketball players.

  • When Rick falls into the pit, you see him bounce off of a tarp under the fog.

  • When Enik walks out of the Marshalls' cave at the end of the episode, you can see his shadow on what is supposed to be the sky (but is really just a blue backdrop)

  • When Cha-ka is in the pylon, you can see what looks like an electrical cord next to the matrix table (most likely for the light inside to make the crystals glow)

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Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: The Paku Who Came to Dinner is an allusion to the Sidney Poitier movie, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.