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    Conan is a time killing machine

    By SammoHung, May 04, 2006

    I'm rating this episode pretty high, because I feel it was successful in every aspect. Simply put:

    Comedy segments: A

    Really funny opening monologue: pretty basic stuff, but effective (Tomkat jokes have been overused for months, but as usual the delivery was good, and Cruise's wacky impression was hilarious at least as much as it was lame). Really high on time killing, as usual...but even the time-killing showed some genuine spark. And the Finland segment was absolutely perfect.

    Interviews: A--

    The Reggie Bush interview was really a blast. I have to say, slapstick is not my favourite type of comedy, and doing stupid stuff with underwear (already prominently featured in the art museum video) can easily be labelled as "cheap"... but then again, the whole zaniness sounded really genuine and everyone seemed to have a blast.

    The Hammond one had its moments too, but most of the time was pretty formulaic. Luckily, the jokes were decent too.

    Musical guest: Well, what can I say? I liked the performance. When I first saw the band on screen, their look seemed uh, quite cheesy...but the song was very catchy.

    All things considered: Very solid show, with very few high notes but almost devoid of any flaw.moreless

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