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    Great job

    By Raven77, Jun 25, 2014

    Normally, most talk shows feel the same as the next one but this one stands out on its own and it impresses me. It just steps out of the crowd and really entertains you.

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    The very strange mind of a former weatherman from Indiana.

    By Lokar, Aug 16, 2006

    David Letterman had already experimented with an earlier version of his show, as well as several appearances as substitute host on 'The Tonight Show,' when the chance to do a full-time late night program came around. Instead of replacing the emcee of 'Tonight,' he would get his own playing ground.

    And what a time it would be.

    Letterman's humor was both more cerebral and exponentially more adventurous than that of his competitors. He quizzed the audience members about random pictures, talked people into doing bizarre pranks in the middle of a crowded Manhattan street, invited folks to have their pets do crazy stunts on stage and walked outside just to see what was going on.

    If anything could be done in a normal, routine way... David would do an end run around it.

    He is on another network today, but the recipe was as good at the beginning as it is now.

    Funny and brilliant-- there *is* television for which it's worth it to stay up late.moreless

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    A pure classic.

    By Grantastik, Aug 08, 2006

    Some people may disaggree but without carson and letterman we would have no conan, no leno, and even some stars.

    He is witty and clever with his infamas 'top 10' list and paul isn't bad either.

    So the next time you see leno, kimmel, conan,or fergusen you better thank dave.

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    funnier than it is today

    By CAPNDEL, Jul 17, 2006

    this show was twice as good as the show dave and his gang do today. i do not know why but it seems to me that his show only got worse when it left nbc. now the only thing it has going for it is the top ten. and that is not usually that funny nowadays.

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    I only wanted to know how to get tickets. I dont watch this

    By shyannn, Jun 02, 2006

    I dont watch him I dont get him at all.My sister loves him and just turned 50 when ask what she wanted to do for her bday this was her reply...there is 4 of us (friends) she has throat cancer and has had surgery where they took some of her face and is a little standoffish but says that she would not even care because david letterman is such a sensitive man..that part I really dont get! so how do I get tickets to make her dream come true, Oprah...Ellen and even MARTHA can make dreams come true so what about it?

    Thanx Annmoreless

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    no good

    By lovethatTAR, Dec 11, 2005

    no good at all, dont ever waste your time with this junk. Letterman has always been stinky and i dont know how anyone could have ever watched this crap and how anyone can ever watch his current show, it is all junk and pointless and needs to be gotten rid of.

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