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    Worst. episode. evar.

    By ebrown2112, Oct 12, 2011

    "Blasters" was embarrassingly awful. I hated every stupid minute of it. "Screech"/Dustin Diamond is annoying enough in real life, but the L&O:CI character based on him drove me up the wall. And why base an episode on the Dustin Diamond sex tape "controversy" anyway? The story is about as compelling as the plot of a Bazooka Joe comic. Perhaps the low point was the bootleg "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" DVDs. The film hasn't even been *cast* yet, let alone released. Did the mob shoot their own version of the film without the knowledge of Warner Bros. Pictures or J.K. Rowling? When did the writing get so sloppy? (Wait, I know the answer: when Rene Balcer left). A embarrassing howler of a screw-up. Truly, the series nadir. And this episode has a higher score than "Monster", "Semi-Detached", "Con-Text", and "A Murderer Among Us"?moreless

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    Law and Order Criminal Intent!

    By ourkissgoodbye, Mar 15, 2007

    When the body of a former child star, Alvin 'Skater' Stevens is found, Detectives Logan and Wheeler are called in to solve the case of his mysterious death. They find that "Skater" didn't handle the transition from child start to adult star very well. He was a heavy drug user and was always in and out of trouble. After speaking with his fellow "Goofin' Around" costar Willie Tunis they find that he worked for a ice cream company. When they find his ice cream truck, they find that he was not selling ice cream, but rather bootlegged DVDs. This leads them to a world of Romanian gangs who will do anything to ensure that their illegal DVD business is booming. This is one of the best Criminal Intent episode that I have seen. It was so well written and it was very interesting. Being a big Harry Potter fan, I thought it was funny that that was the main bootleg DVD that they kept talking about.moreless

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    Another great Logan wise guy episode, classic....

    By sparkie_ac, Dec 09, 2006

    Overall it was a pretty good episode, and I liked openning scen and the music that rocked... A little wack but interesting spin off the save by the bell. The Russian mob bit was little lacking but Logan was great and made the show again. And I love the meaning behind "shower" and having sex. Wow if I had been that girl in the room when Logan was interviewing her I would have melted, *sign*. Wheeler's charector is coming along but still rather a flop for a partner to match Mike. When the caption showed up in the boost near the end I was honestly shocked that he actually did something other than say smart comments at Goren and Logan like in pervious shows. But he still needs to stop babying Wheeler. Then he did make an effort to help this time so we will leave the jury out yet. In the end the beginning of the show really was best and left you awe at that idea that people are buried every day as John Does or Jane Does and they never know who they really where. And the fact that only famous people get crimes solves is a honest but sad truth.moreless

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    The algerian mob, stolen pre-released dvd's and the death of an 80's tv icon.

    By BekkaLass, Nov 23, 2006

    I thought that the first five minutes of this episode was a very emotonal opening, the murder, the music, the disposal of the body, the bodys' discovery, and all the way to Potter's Field for the burial(which was subsequently halted by Logan and Wheeler). The storyline of the two child-has-been-actors(an obvious take-off on saved by the Bell) didn't put me off beause the underlying story about the Albanian mob and their Blood code was more interesting. There were some really good remarks by Logan,Wheeler,Ross and Rogers(ME) in this episode. The WNL(within normal limits/we never looked) reference..we used that in the ER on histories we obtained and one of the doctors said that was what it stood for as well(lol..not true). The albanian leader was believable and he did threaten Logan, so we may see some albanian backlash on Mike. This may not have been emmy material but it was still a good solid CI episode and I don't have to see Bobby every week to enjoy the show(especially if this Keeps D'Onofrio doing the show and keeps him healthy).moreless

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    I could not watch this episode.

    By angelspinknose, Nov 22, 2006

    The very beginning of this episode was horrible to watch. I had to change the channel. The reason behind the murder was weak. The child actors were a complete rip off of Saved by the Bell. I hated this episode so much words can even begin to describe. You hope that former child actors find another purpose in life after their careers end.

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