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    Wonderful season premiere that deals with a woman with multiple personalties.

    By SVU_lover, Mar 06, 2011

    This episode was simply amazing. Wonderful acting by all the cast, including recurring actress Isabelle Gillies who plays Elliot's ex wife turned girlfriend Kathy and Cynthia Nixon, it seems, was born to play this role. She played each different character to perfection. This episode not only sparked the new season of SVU, but it started the beginning of Adam Beach's character Chester Lake, Kathy's pregnancy, and what I'm sure to be a season of dramatic moments and episodes. The plot was amazing, and yes the whole multiple personality thing is some what overused in TV and film, but it still made for a very compelling episode. Plus, I am a believer that people with multiple personalties do exist, and up until that last scene where it's reveled that Janis lied, I really believed that she had multiple personality. Plus we had some humerus moments with the short lived Sgt Munch, so that made me happy. The only thing I could find wrong with this episode is I'm not a fan of Adam Beach's acting.

    Amazing episode, the best season premiere we've had since the pilot.

    All in all 10/10

    EO shippiness 2.5/10moreless

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    When a child is reported missing the team finds out that it is the women reporting the missing child that is really the case.

    By rebaarmy, Mar 06, 2011

    I really like this episode it was awsome. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened. I love how they had Elliot and Olivia based on the case. I loved how the woman had several personalities and then to find out that she was sain. I was not expecting her to kill her parents but it was an interesting story twist. Also when "Dory" held Elliots wife hostage and they had to go in when she had the knife. It was an awsome episode. I really loved it and I can't wait to see more episodes to this season. I love this show.moreless

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    Benson and Stabler get a report of suspected child abuse. While looking into this case, they will find more about this certain child abuser than they thought.

    By IHeartSvu, Mar 06, 2011

    First of all, this episode was brilliant. I loved Cynthia Nixon's character most of all. She did an amazing job with her character, and the different levels she had to take this character. The whole case was twisted and chilling. Especially at the end, where we find that the whole case was pretty much planned out and faked. I rate this episode exciting, because it kept my attention the entire time. It was certainly an episode I look for in the series. Definately chilling, great guest stars, and most of all amazing writing. The writers did a great job with this one!moreless

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    An overall good episode with a nice ending twist.

    By causkitty, Mar 06, 2011

    The episode starts with a woman walking into the precinct and reporting a case of child abuse. When the detectives go to the apartment where the mother and baby live they discover that the woman that reported the abuse is the same woman that she accused. They set out to find her baby, and they find the woman, Janis, hiding in a cave and saying that she is only a kid. They take her to the precinct and Huang evaluates her. He says that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. As the detectives progress in the case, they discover that Janis and her sister were abused by their father when they were younger. While the sister, Cass, was in prison, they developed a plot to kill both of their parents. The plot was for Janis to pretend to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, and get off for killing their parents. The find this out after the trial, so they cannot arrest Janis or it would be double Jeopardy, so they arrest her sister.

    I, personally, liked this episode. The twist at the end, when we find out that Janis had been faking the disorder, had me wondering what was going to happen. My personal favorite 'alternate' was Dory. I loved the scene were she was at Elliot's house with a knife and Kathy. This was a good start to a new season and I thought it was a winner. I recommend this episode.moreless

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    Great until the ending!

    By JPPT1974, Feb 27, 2011

    Great way to begin the ninth season with a few

    Changes but in a good kind of way. Adam Beach

    Joins the cast as Detective Chester Lake and that he may

    Become a love interest for Casey as those two have really

    Good chemistry. Also they opened the credits with new pictures which I like as change is good. Captain Cragen was only there for a few minutes but he was reassigned just this one show. And loved it that now Sgt Munch was being given a hard time with his new title. Good until the end where the woman who had "mutiple personalities" really was mentally ill and played it to the hilt. Sadly, she got away for murdering her parents, which made me angry. Which was no excuse whatsoever. Just hated the ending in an otherwise great show!moreless

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    a crazy lady with 5 personalities causes troulbe for svu

    By elliv920, Feb 27, 2011

    i thought it was a good episode i liked it alot even thought im all for e/o moments i thought this episode was very interesting. olivia's hair was not that great but she still the best! elliot looks much better this season i have to say grrr lol adam beach is ok in my book as of now i still dont like the fact that he joind the cast but whatever

    ice- t was bearly in it as usual idc about his character that much so it didnt really bother me tht much... much was captain lol wow that didnt work out at all!moreless

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    Did the ending make sense?

    By smilegirl1, Feb 27, 2011

    I liked the episode in general, and I really like the show, but towards the end of this episode, I found there was some things that didn't make any sense. For example, Cynthia Nixon's character was meant to have "multiple personalities" so that when one personality did something, the other personality would not realize it. So, when "Janus" was looking at the file in the office, and saw Stabler's home address, "Dorey" shouldn't have known the home address because it was Janus who saw it. The officers should have picked up on that right away. Also, generally females do not have a male alter personality (Burt) any comments? does anyone have a theory about how they could explain Dorus getting the home address?moreless

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    Great Season Premiere!

    By gumcurls, Oct 06, 2007

    Although Alternate wasn't the best episode ever of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, it was a great season premiere. Season eight's finale left us with many questions -- Is Elliot's daughter, Kathleen going to prison for DUI? Will Elliot be punished for trying to cover it up? Will Olivia get in trouble for sending her fugitive brother money? Is Cragen in trouble? What about Casey Novak? What will Elliot do about Kathy's pregnancy? Alternate answered these questions in a timely manner, without taking away from the case.

    The case of itself had me trapped. The detectives think nothing of the psyciatrist who comes to SVU to report child abuse, until they find out that she may be the one abusing! Detectives Benson, Stabler, Lake, and Tutuola find out more and more about this woman -- and that she has multiple personalities!

    Now, spoilers.

    Kathleen is puished by having to do community service, which she complains about. Kathy is still pregnant, and Elliot has moved back home. Olivia was suspended, but returns in the very beginning of the episode. I don't think anything about Casey was mentioned. Cragen was temporarily reassigned due to Olivia sending money to Simon & Elliot covering up Kathleen's DUI. Munch is put in charge as sargeant, but it doesn't last long, as Cragen returns during the episode.

    What I thought --

    Pros --

    Three months was a long wait for all of us! And it was worth it, because they didn't pretend the drama of season eight's finale never happened.

    I personally don't think Detective Lake was all that bad.

    The case was great. I was totally tricked.

    Cons --

    No Elliot and Olivia moments, but it's not a big deal.

    When Casey was strangled in the court room, her facial expression was...very bland. Totally could have been done better.

    All in all, it was a great season premiere!moreless

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    This is an awesome episode.

    By SVU_CSI_Xfiles, Sep 28, 2007

    Out of all of the season openers I have to say that this is probable the best. Although I think the 7th season opener had Robert Patrick, this was a very original episode. It starts with a woman coming to report a child abuse case, she says she is a shrink but when they look into her thay can't find anything on her. Of course she has something to hide, we all do. But her secret is so much bigger, deeper, and interesting. Of course the show had to end with a SVU twist, and the twist was just...awesome. It sort of jumped at you so fast I wasn't sure what had happened until a little later. It really was an amazing episode, Cragen was reassigned and Munch (Sargent now) took over for the time being. I was expecting something amazing, something clever and different from the rest of the shows, and SVU did all of that in less than one hour.moreless

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