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    By maxbrown999, Jun 16, 2014

    [ourkissgoodbye], [ArwenEvenstarU], & [AvatarBlue] are Little Dumb becuz They haven't Read any of my Messages. Where are They? I hope that they're still alive. Their reviews are Little Dumb becuz It sounds like They're saying, "I also feel that Ray should go to prison because he didn't specifically ask Perry if he actually raped Vanessa against her will. Alex can't plead out Ray becuz Perry's corpse can't say if he actually raped

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    I disagree with ChrisGreen1751

    By Tubelubber, Jun 04, 2014

    Ray Bevins did the right thing to get his daughter's rapist (Perry Williams) off the streets (so he wouldn't rape again; Vanessa's diary, the Rape Crisis Center, and Perry's history of sadism proves that he did it), but he also did the wrong thing to kill him. Alex Cabot-- I understand why she did not accept Donna Emmett's plea offer of manslaughter-2 and probation. Whether or not Perry was innocent until proven guilty (but he was nowhere near innocent), the result of Ray's trial still would've been the same, since he killed Perry out of retaliation.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to do the right thing. What Ray did was the right thing, the WRONG way.

    But at least Ray took his conviction well.moreless

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    By ChrisGreen1751, Mar 13, 2014

    in my opinion, since Alex didn't give plea bargain to Ray, I think that it's because Ray killed Perry whose Guilt hadn't been Proven Legally. Before Ray killed Perry, Perry didn't specifically say if he raped Vanessa. Does anyone know for sure why Alex refused to give Plea Bargain to Ray?

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  • 9.5

    The father inside Elliot is shown as he sympathizes with a father put on trial for killing his daughter's rapist.

    By ArwenEvenstarU, Mar 16, 2011

    This episode was done to near perfection. The only thing missing was Olivia. I could have used some more scene with her in them. On the positive, however, Christopher Meloni really got to shine as Elliot in this episode. Being a father and having fantasized about killing rapists himself, Elliot's judgment is called in question as he identifies with a man who killed his daughter's rapist, after she killed herself. In a real tearjerker of a scene, Elliot confronts the man after he killed the rapist. The man has gun in his hands, saying now he just wants to be with his daughter. Elliot has to talk him out of it, saying some of the nicest thing I've heard him say. It was really unnerving to see Elliot so shook up and so invested in the case to the point he actually had tears in his eyes. This was an outstanding episode due to Christopher. Somebody get this man an Emmy!moreless

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    Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    By ourkissgoodbye, Mar 29, 2007

    When Vanessa Bevins is found murdered outside of the club she worked at, it is up to Detective Stabler to notify her father. With the evidence that a rape occurred, they start the investigation looking for Vanessa's killer. What they find was that she was in fact raped, but it occurred two weeks prior to her death. Her death was ultimately ruled a suicide, but her father still wants the man who raped her to be held responsible for her death, because he is the reason she pulled the trigger. And when the Special Victims Unit are unable to help him, he takes matters into his own hands.

    This was a good episode. You could see that Detective Stabler was getting close to the case, because he would have felt the same way that Ray Bevins did if it was one of his daughters who was hurt. On one hand I understand that Ray should be held accountable for his actions, but at the same time I can understand why he would feel like it was his responsibility to take matters into his own hands.moreless

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