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    I'm extremely mixed about this episode. On one hand, Mischa Barton did a fantastic job ...

    By chloexsvufan, Oct 01, 2011

    I'm extremely mixed about this episode. On one hand, Mischa Barton did a fantastic job ... I don't think she's a terrific actress, but I loved her in this. She fit the role perfectly. And on the other, SVU and it's religiousness is getting a bit much. It's always sort of focussed on Catholicism, Elliot being Catholic is mentioned like 10 times every season .. yawn ...

    Also, that weird prayer scene in the interview actually made me laugh, and I had to change the channel because I was embarrassed to watch it. That was like an inside joke with people on the show, I guess since it was Tergesen (spelling?) Chris's love interest from Oz. But it was a HUGE strike against this episode. It was just awful.

    The crime&detective part was a bit lacking, again, but I do like it when the focus on the characters. I thought it was interesting how Olivia is left with the baby, which she's always wanted. I don't really think they'll do much with this, they don't usually connect episodes together - as in, you could pull any few out, and it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference in the characters lives - but it could be interesting to see what happens with the baby.moreless

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    The first part was mediocre but the second part was stellar.

    By carnagae1225, Apr 27, 2011

    I was wrong when I said Kathy Griffin would be a better guest star than Mischa Barton, whoa was I wrong. The first part was mediocre, lame, and annoying because of Kathy Griffin. I really couldn't bare to watch the rest. Though I must give it some points for being unpredictable the twists were duds. The second part with Mischa Barton was better than I expected she was excellent in the episode. The episode overall was a little better than the first one but Mischa Barton I believe held her own. Law & Order SVU now bases its episodes on its guest starts which shows how far down the show has gone. I loved the past seasons of Law & Order but this and the previous season are complete let downs. Every show gets worse when it gets older though.moreless

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    By thefanof, Mar 05, 2010

    Oh man, I am glad Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is back, and they gave us two fresh episodes, nonetheless, but these two guest stars were like a who's who of people I hate. First Kathy Griffin, now Mischa Barton. It is a shame because this was another really good episode of SVU, but the former TBL and OC star's brutal acting really brought things down. 11 years and SVU is still awesome though. That is quite an accomplishment. Olivia with a kid? Will they continue this or just forget about it next week? Certainly having some season long story arcs couldn't hurt the show.moreless

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