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Quotes (3)

  • Ed Green: Let's talk to Diaz again. Lennie Briscoe: Maybe you ought to pick up a little something-something, let him know you're sorry about last time. (Ed grins) Ed Green: Don't worry, Lennie. I'll be nice.

  • Police Officer: (About the Lobos gang.) Without Alejo, these clowns couldn't organize a sock drawer.

  • Lennie Briscoe: Do you think this guy is lying about knowing Diaz? Ed Green: Hell no. Would a lawyer lie?

Trivia (2)

  • Goof: Guest Matt Mulhern was mistakenly billed as Matt Mulher.

  • Goof: There is a timing issue in this episode. The character of Officer Bennett reacts even before the 'not guilty' verdict is revealed.