Lawman (1958)

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Quotes (92)

  • Dan: I wondered what happened to Sam.
    Johnny: You know him?
    Dan: Sam Blake. Real well.
    Johnny: Well, he got hung for horse stealing.
    Dan: That's one sure way to break the habit.

  • Shoemaker: Well, I--I imagine the people in Abilene were disappointed when you told them you were leaving.
    Dan: They managed to hide it.
    Shoemaker: Oh?
    Dan: You'd be surprised how unnecessary I started looking once trouble dies down.
    Shoemaker: Well, you won't find this town ungrateful.
    Dan: I like my gratitude once a month, payable to the nearest bank.

  • Dan: A town marshal's been killed. Unless I do something about it, it's liable to develop into a bad habit.

  • Shoemaker: You like cats?
    Dan: Why not? They're independent. They don't ask any favors. They'll even catch your mice for you - if you don't rub them the wrong way.

  • Walt Hawks: Don't you know who I am?
    Dan: Yep. I never walked into a town yet where I didn't have to to lick someone who thought he was real tough. You're him.

  • Lacy Hawks: A man oughta die with his best shirt on. It saves the undertaker from putting it on afterwards.

  • Dan: (to Johnny) No, you don't, boy. Now you wanted this job pretty badly, didn't you? You think any part of it is helping a wanted man escape? Maybe you just don't have what it takes to be a lawman after all. Law is the same for everybody. Friendships, enmities don't have anything to do with it. Now if you can't understand that, you'd better take your badge off right now.

  • Johnny: You know, any lawyer can win his case in a saloon. Especially if he pays for the whiskey.

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Notes (33)

  • Stanley Farrar is listed in the end credits but doesn't appear.

  • In this episode, John Russell's hair is all dark brown. He would later have the silver streaks added to his hair, because he believed someone with Dan's experience should be in his mid-40's. Russell was only 37 when he took the role.

  • According to Peter Brown on his website, his relationship with John Russell was very similar to the relationship that Johnny McKay had with Dan Troop. On screen, Dan was teaching Johnny how to be a lawman. Off-screen, John was teaching Peter how to be an actor.

  • There is a yellow tomcat who serves at the "office cat," who is in quite a few of the episodes in the first season. It is never named, but Dan makes it plain in this first show that he "likes cats." From time to time he shows up in an episode, and then, after the first season, seems to disappear without comment.

  • With this episode, Jerry Livingston re-records the theme song, with a stronger bass line and less of a reverb. The new version will be used for the rest of the series with only minor variations.

  • This episode deals with the real life murder of Wild Bill Hickok by Jack McCall. McCall shot Hickok in the back of the head on August 2, 1876. Wild Bill was only 39 years old when he died. At the time of his death, Hickok was playing poker at the Nuttal and Mann's Saloon in Deadwood. McCall claimed that Hickok killed his brother in Abilene, Kansas. McCall was tried in Deadwood and found innocent. He moved on to the Wyoming territory and bragged about the killing, even going so far as to claim it was a fair fight. Wyoming authorities refused to recognize the innocent verdict claiming Deadwood was an illegal settlement. McCall was re-tried in Yankton, Dakota Territory and hanged on March 1, 1877 at the age of 24.

  • Dru Lemp, the widow of the former Marshall in Laramie before Dan came, leaves the show at this point, too, apparently to leave Julie Tate free to be Dan's love interest. Actually, Dan never seems to warm up to any woman until Lily Merrill comes in the second season. After that, it seemed, no other woman had a chance.

  • This was one of three times Johnny resigned during the years he was Marshal Troop's deputy.

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Trivia (12)

  • In the first episode, just four episodes previously, it is established that the year is 1879. It is mentioned that Jesse's brother Charley died recently in this episode, and in real life Charley died in 1884. It's clear that this episode isn't set five years after the premiere episode.

  • The song the Guitar Player (Tony Romano) is singing through the episode is based on the popular poem of the time, "The Ballad of Jesse James". through the years, songs based on the poem have been recorded many times, by artists such as, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.

  • Near the beginning of the episode, when Dan arrives in Socorro, New Mexico, he is unshaven and wearing a light colored shirt. During the climax he is clean shaven (except for his mustache) and wearing a dark, checkered shirt. However, moments later, in the final scene, when Dan rides out ofBentham's ranch he is back to being unshaven and wearing the same light shirt he did when eh arrived in town.

  • Trivia: Johnny only appears in the final scene of this episode.

  • Trivia: Johnny only appears in the opening scene of this episode.

  • Trivia: Johnny only appears very briefly in the middle of the episode.

  • In this episode, it is revealed that Sam Deever had his leg from the knee down to the foot amputated after a horse fell on it. In reality, Hal Torey, the actor who plays Deever, had the lower portion of his leg strapped behind the upper portion of his leg, and had to hobble on a crutch. The camera work is carefully done so as not to show the lower leg. However, in one scene, he falls over, and the camera catches a glimpse of his real leg strapped behind him.

  • Although he is just a guest star, Mike Road is listed in the opening credits with John Russell, Peter Brown, and Peggie Castle.

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