Lazer Tag Academy

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Quotes (2)

  • Draxon: (shouting to the Skuggs) There are the Jaren, Skuggs what are you waiting for bring Beth to me and capture? Skuggs: (referring to Draxon, giving the sack) Here is she master. The one we capture. Draxon: (seeing what inside the sack) You fool this is not Beth. Let’s go back now to the base and talk what we shall do with this.

  • Jamie: Go run and save yourself. I shall leave here and stop Drear with his Skuggs before they catch you up. Tom: I can’t leave you here alone. How about you? Jamie: I shall get their attention while you hurry went to the tower and reversed the transmitter before time is running out so that all will come back to normal. It’s the only way I knew to stop him before it’s too late. Tom: All right.

Notes (5)

  • In this episode Draxon tries to kidnap Beth Jaren but the Skuggs creature had caught Mickie instead of Beth.

  • The show was canceled because Worlds of Wonder, the makers of Lazer Tag, went bankrupt.

  • Released 1986. Re-released February 20, 1991.

  • Released: March 21, 1989.

  • Runtime: 110 min.