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    Greatest Show of All Time

    By fcampbell1, Mar 10, 2013

    This is one of the greatest shows of all times. I love the whole Cleaver family, Eddie Haskell, Lumpy, Whitey, and the rest of the gang.

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    I am watching LITB on Netflix

    By mrbreezeet1, Nov 25, 2012

    I am glad they brought it back.

    I always liked LITB as a child, there was just something about it.

    Having watched every episode, often more than once, sometimes the Inconsistencies used to kill me.

    Like one reader noted that ,Gilbert's last name is first called Gates, than Bates, then for two episodes it's Harrison, than back to Bates again. I had not picked up on that, but I do remember in the 1st episode where Gilbert moves in across the street, Beaver and Gilbert get into a fight, and Mr Cleaver and Gilbert's dad are talking, and Gilbert's dad says something like it's hard for the boy, and he (The Dad) is a musician, and they are always moving. Then later in the series, Gilbert says his dad is an electrical engineer. (I thought he was a musician?) Then in the episode where Beaver plays the lead in a play, and has to kiss the girl, the teachers are talking, and one says Gilbert did not make the drama club, because he was giggling, and the other teacher says " I had his Dad as a boy" and he was always giggling too. (What so He grew up in Mayfield and just happened to move back there.)

    It's not a big deal, but if your a die hard LITB fan, it just kind of kills me.

    I am sure there are others, can't think of anything right now.


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    A classic show that will always remind us of how simple life was back in the early 50's and 60's

    By mrogra2005, Jun 09, 2010

    Leave It To Beaver was broadcast before I was born, but it shows how simple life was back in the late 50's, early 60's. Sure, they might of seemed corny, but what a breath of fresh air compared to shows today. Happy endings, funny

    situations, and nobody getting hurt or killed. I have been a fan for many years, and will continue to always love this show! I am glad that it has been revived by TV Land, and of course, it is being released on DVD. I hope that other generations will love it as much as we have!moreless

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    The Cleaver family is your typical American family, with father Ward, mother June, older brother Wally and little Theodore, better known as "Beaver". It was shown from the eyes of the "Beaver"

    By drwoowoocl, Aug 29, 2007

    Leave it to Beaver is one of those shows from the 50s that has a somewhat idealized vision of the American family. However, unlike Ozzie & Harriet and Father Knows Best, LITB was seen from the point of the view of the children and even the dialogue reflects that. While some of the plotlines are decidedly corny, there is something off the wall about some of the things Beaver does(Falling into a giant soup bowl, pushing a baby buggy across town, getting his head stuck in a fence), but they still feel realistic. And with the idealized family life of the Cleavers, it is hinted that maybe Eddie Haskells family life isnt exactly ideal. And even the scenes between Ward and June seem to ring true, though there are times that Wards little homilies to the kids get on my nerves. Still this is a show that looks better than it did when it first came on. Maybe it was ahead of its time in its own way.moreless

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    Leave It To Beaver is a classic! Like the works of director David Lynch there is more to the series than meets the eye.

    By jhrunion, Jan 28, 2007

    Leave It To Beaver is a classic! Like the works of director David Lynch there is more to the series than meets the eye. In one episode Wally states he would like to become a tree surgeon. David Lynch's father was a tree surgeon in real life. There are several episodes of Leave It To Beaver where a character mentions bugs and/or exterminators. In one of Lynch's films, Blue Velvet, bugs are often shown and one character pretends to be an exterminator. In the LITB episode about the big fight (Beav vs. Violet), a kid speaks of another kid having gotten his ear torn off in the fight. In Blue Velvet, a detached ear is also featured. Hugh Beaumont played Ward Cleaver. In Blue Velvet, Kyle MacLachlan plays Jeffery Beaumont. Wally and Eddie became boy scouts on the series, Beav wanted to. In real life, David Lynch was an eagle scout. Larry Mondello's sister keeps a diary in one episode. Beav himself keeps a diary in another episode of the series. In Lynch's television series, Twin Peaks, a character named Laura Palmer kept a diary. Beav mentions a dead cat in one episode. In the art of David Lynch, dead, decaying animals are quite often featured. Wally and Beav are fascinated by fire in the Shadow Lake episode of LITB. Fire is a reoccurring theme in many of the director's films. Beav is intrigued by magic/magicians, hypnotism/hynotists. Lynch uses or refers to magic/magicians often in his work. Dreams are a very important element to the director's work. Beav has nightmares several times. Beav enjoys watching gory horror movies. David Lynch enjoys making movies filled with grotesque images. There are many more similarities between the series and the director's life/works...if you only look beneath the surface!moreless

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    Its about the regular family that lived comfortably. Had two kids and two great parents.

    By KEITHCONTI, Jan 15, 2007

    Wally and "The Beaver" were great actors if you ask me. They made the show seem so real. You would watch it and think that you were watching a hidden video camera that was in the room. The two of them really made it seem like they were really related. The Father and Mother made the show so entertaining. The best was Wally's friend Eddie. He was the perfect suck up to Mrs. Cleaver. He would always complement her and suck up to her, she knew what was going on so he never got over on her and the parents knew he was bad news. As dumb as Eddie was he was a true friend to Wally and would mess around with Beaver a lot. Great show, and i agree it did become more popular when the reruns came on. Its on TV Land all the time now. It may have been on way before my time, but i still enjoy watching it and thinking about what life was back then.moreless

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    Another great TV show family you would like to be part of, evenw ith clumsy brother, Theodore Cleaver.

    By twilightboy, Dec 31, 2006

    A great family above all and a clumsy kid who is always getting in some sort of trouble, either bad simply bad luck or bad being just a little too mischivious. I love the town they live in, where there is no crime, no heavy traffic, everybody is nice, and people seems to have no mind for evil. My favorite character has to be Ward Claver, who is always ready to bring order to the little chaos Beaver brings into the family, but he does it with love and tenderness, a trademark of 50's and 60's Tv.moreless

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    Timely and Yet Exaggerated TV Nostalgia

    By aesgaard41, Aug 29, 2006

    This is not one of my favorite shows; yet, I can't find any reason to really hate it. To me, the show has a wonderful sense of nostalgia in the screwy sense of relationship between parents and children in the 1950s. Case in point, why does Beaver and Wally always think their parents are going to kill them? They have no basis behind this belief, yet, they always have some warped belief or notion that it is going to happen. And how long will Beaver continue to listen to Eddie, Lumpy, Whitey and Larry before he wises up and learns not to do what they say? He could have saved himself a lot of worry and clinical psychologist time on the couch if but he only recalled all the previous times what they said got him into trouble. Even so, Ward and June seemed to set the parental standards before Mike and Carol Brady which no set of parents could live up to. Personally, I would have preferred Robert and Laura Petrie as parents, but I am a bit jealous that Beaver had a hot looking teacher in the form of Mrs. Landers. This show definitely set the standards by which all family shows went by even as far as having the father work in a non-descript, undefined job. As best as I can tell, I'll bet even money he was in advertising, but he could just have easily been a secret agent or a town official without it affecting his home life.moreless

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    Americas quintessential family returns with all the 39 original uncut episodes of Leave It to Beaver.

    By eil2359, Jun 02, 2006

    Leave It to Beaver is a television situation comedy (CBS, October 4, 1957 to 1958; ABC, 1958-June 20, 1963) that became more popular in syndicated reruns than it already was in first-run production, as well as becoming a pop culture icon referencing idealized, even homogenized suburban American life as the 1950s crossed to the 1960s.

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