Elizabeth I's Golden Ship

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    Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship

    By aaronptrck, Jun 29, 2006

    The team only managed to make it into four rooms of the temple; The concentration of temple guards in these rooms made it impossible to go farther. Although a full 1:29 was left on the clock when the second player was captured, that time could have easily topped two minutes if the players moved at an acceptible speed. Instead, the frontrunner spent ages climbing up to the Heart Room, and his partner moved like a slug. Note: There was a hilarious mistake during the second temple game. The players had to locate a wig in the styrofoam below them, and then climb up and place it on one of four heads. That's great, but... there were only three wigs! So with twenty seconds to go, the Jaguar is rummaging through all the stuff below him, and the Parrot soon joins in. It was the most anti-climactic countdown ever.moreless

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