Legends Of The Hidden Temple

The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici

Season 2, Ep 35, Aired 8/25/94
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  • Episode Description
  • The Purple Parrots made it to The Temple with 1.5 pendents, but lost because the player ran right by the Pepperoni.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Olmec, Announcer, Steps of Knowledge Story Voices

  • Kirk Fogg


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Olmec: One of the most ruthless and powerful women of the 1500's was the queen of France, Catherine de' Medici. She was the wife of one king and the mother of three others. And through them, she ruled France most of her life. She loved building castles, and legend has it that she had just finished a new castle in the heart of Paris when she summoned her royal psychic, The Great Linguini. She said... Catherine: I dreamed someone was chasing me through room after room of my brand-new castle. Is someone trying to kill me? What do you think? Linguini: I think you've been eating too much pepperoni late at night. Besides, I'm a psychic, not a psychiatrist. But I predict, if you live in the new castle, you'll be tormented by dreams. Olmec: The next day, Catherine de' Medici had her workmen tear down the new palace. As a gesture of thanks, she sent Linguini a golden pepperoni, which was stolen after Linguini died. Your quest is to find The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici and bring it back here. Kirk: All right, thank you, Olmec. So tell us, where is The Golden Pepperoni? Olmec: The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici can be found in The Secret Password Room.

    • (As the second Parrot enters The Room of the Secret Password, but passes the Pepperoni) Kirk: Get the Pepperoni!

    Notes (5)

    • When the second Purple Parrot encountered the third Temple Guard in The King's Storeroom, he forgot to take both of her half pendants and only took one.

    • The second Purple Parrot picked up the half pendent on the actuator leading to The Laser Light Room from The Pit after she at first misses it, but goes back for it.

    • Temple Guard locations: The Crypt, The Laser Light Room, and The King's Storeroom

    • Temple Layout: Season 2, Layout 5

    • The Golden Pepperoni was in The Room of the Secret Password

    Trivia (2)

    • 6th time that the Purple Parrots make it to The Temple in season 2

    • 8th time overall that the Purple Parrots make it to The Temple

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