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    The Snowcone of Mount Killimanjoaro

    By aaronptrck, Nov 21, 2006

    This was a pretty typical Legends loss. The frontrunner was taken out by a temple spirit in the Dark Forest, so with less than a minute to go, the second contestant tried to make some progress towards the Snow Cone. The player found the key in the tree and opened the door to go upwards. This looked good! The player would be entering the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, right? Actually, the cabinet-like door inside the Shrine of the Silver Monkey leading to the Dark Forest did NOT open, so the player climbed a ladder in darkness and did not know where to proceed to. Tough luck. Note: You can clearly see two cameramen when they show the shot of the second player climbing to the Shrine, as well as a hidden temple guard under a pile of bricks in the Quicksand Bog, who would have ended this run anyway.moreless

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