The Star of Sultan Saladin

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Quotes (1)

  • Olmec: The two greatest warriors of The Crusades were Richard the Lion-Hearted of England and Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria. For two years, Richard had tried to capture the city of Acre. But the city had held out, while Saladin attacked Richard from behind. Finally, Acre surrendered. But Richard's men were too tired to continue fighting Saladin. The time had come for them to meet face to face. Saladin bowed low and presented Richard with his favorite jewel -- a giant opal called "The Star of Saladin." Saladin: For my worthy opponent. Olmec: ...he said. Richard thanked Saladin for the gift and they signed a treaty which ended the fighting. Soon, Richard set out for England. But the opal was stolen from him during the journey. Your quest is to retrieve The Star of Saladin and bring it back here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is The Star of Saladin? Olmec: The Star of Sultan Saladin can be found in The Observatory.

Notes (5)

  • Known Temple Guard locations: The Tomb of the Ancient Kings and The Cave of Size.

  • Temple Layout: Season 1, Layout 3

  • The second Silver Snake did not have to enter The Temple, as his partner got to the Star

  • Although the Silver Snakes only ran into a Temple Guard in The Tomb of the Ancient Kings, you know there was one in The Cave of Size, as when the girl ran out, you could see the Temple Guard standing there.

  • Location of Artifact: The Observatory

Trivia (3)

  • Leah, the girl Silver Snake, previously appeared on the Nickelodeon game show Get the Picture.

  • 2nd time that the Silver Snakes retrieve an artifact successfully

  • 5th time that the Silver Snakes make it to The Temple