The Thorn Wood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean

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Quotes (1)

  • Olmec: One of the orneriest and wiliest legends of the Wild West was Judge Roy Bean. He called himself "The Law West of the Pecos," and if he was it, there wasn't much. He held court in his own saloon, and the town didn't have a jail, so convicted criminals had to pay fines -- mostly to the judge himself. (A cash register dings.) He had a pet bear, and if anyone acted up, the judge used the bear to restore order. One day, a couple of cowpokes came into court carrying an unconscious man. One of the cowpokes addressed the court. Cowpoke: Judge, we found this man out by the new bridge. We think he fell off it. Judge Bean: Do you know who he is? Cowpoke: No, Sir, we went through his pockets but all we found was $40. Judge Bean: Stranger, you got anything to say for yourself before I find you guilty? Cowpoke: How can he say anything? He's out cold. Judge Bean: No one can say he didn't have his chance. Sir, I find you guilty of loitering. The fine is $40, payable to me right now. Now take him over to Doc's place. Olmec: And he slammed down his thorn wood gavel. Judge Bean is long gone, but his gavel made its way to The Temple. You must find The Thorn Wood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean and bring it back here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So tell us, where is this Thorn Wood Gavel? Olmec: The Thorn Wood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean can be found in The Jester's Court.

Notes (3)

  • Only episode in Season 3 to have an untimed Temple Game.

  • Temple Guard locations: The Chamber of the Sacred Markers, The Room of the Secret Password, and The King's Storeroom.

  • The Thornwood Gavel was located in The Jester's Court.