Legends Of The Hidden Temple

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  • Olmec: The meanest, ugliest, most ornery pirate who ever sailed the Seven Seas was Blackbeard. He went into battle with ribbons tied into his long black beard and tucked long, smoking fuses under his hat to make him look more frightening. When things got dull, he would light fires on his own ship or shoot one of his own crew members just to keep them on their toes. Blackbeard liked to attack Spanish treasure ships and steal their jewels. If people took too long taking off their rings, Blackbeard would cut off their fingers. Once, he even made a man eat his own ears. When he gathered all the treasure, he would row ashore with just a few men, and bury it in secret. Sometimes the men who helped him never came back. According to Legend, the last of his 14 wives held a map to this treasure, and it eventually ended up in the Temple. Your quest is to retrieve that map and to bring it back here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is the map? Olmec: The Treaure Map can be found in The Dungeon.

  • Olmec: Long ago, in the ancient city of Babylon, there ruled a foolish king named Belshazzar. Hearing of a young man named Daniel who could tell the future, he summoned him to his palcae. King Belshazzar nervously sat on his throne. In his hand, he held a golden cup that he had stolen from a temple in Jerusalem. Belshazzar: Daniel... Olmec: ...he said, Belshazzar: What is the meaning of this sign? Olmec: He pointed to a wall, where words had mysteriously been written. Daniel read them. Daniel: Sire, it says that you are a thief and your Empire is evil, so it is about to be destroyed. Belshazzar: Impossible! Olmec: ...Belshazzar thundered, Belshazzar: Our city is fortified with two great walls and a moat. It is impregnable. You obviously know nothing. Take him away! Olmec: And Daniel was led out of the palace. Soon afterwards, the writing on the wall came true. The Persians led a surprise attack and destroyed Babylon. The Golden Cup of Belshazzar ended up in the Temple. Your quest is to retrieve The Cup and bring it back here. Kirk: Thanks, Olmec. Where is The Golden Cup? Olmec: The Golden Cup can be found in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

  • Olmec: Perhaps the most brilliant Italian scientist and astronomer of all time was Galileo. He perfected the telescope and was one of the first people to use experiments to prove his discoveries. One day, he thought to himself... Galileo: If I drop two different-sized cannonballs from the same height, I bet they'll land at the same time. Olmec: To test his idea, Galileo went to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. He climbed the steps to the tower, and when he got to the top, he leaned out over the edge and dropped the cannonballs. They both landed at the same time, proving Galileo's theory and launching his career as a famous scientist. But that's not all. Legend has it that the cannonballs landed right smack dab on two cheese and pepperoni sandwiches, thereby proving his theory, and inventing pizza. One of Galileo's cannonballs is in The Temple. Your quest is to bring it back here. Kirk: So, where is Galileo's Cannonball? Olmec: Galileo's Cannonball can be found in The Mine Shaft.

  • Olmec: Let's rock!

  • Olmec: In the Old West, gunfighters used to say... Gunfighter: Speed is fine, but accuracy is final. Olmec: And nobody knew this better than the Prince of the Pistoleers, Wild Bill Hickok. He was tall and handsome with long hair and a moustache, and was quite a ladies' man. By the time he became Marshal of Abilene, Kansas, he was said to have killed more than 100 men. Wild Bill made everyone check their guns at the edge of town and asked lawbreakers to move along peaceably, but if they refused, he wasn't afraid of a shoot-out. After serving as Marshal of Abilene, he joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. One day, playing poker in Deadwood, South Dakota, he was shot from behind by an angry gambler. His Poker hand at the time was a Full House: Three Aces and two Eights. To this day, it's called "The Dead Man's Hand." Someone grabbed the cards off the table and they found their way to The Temple. Your quest is to grab The Dead Man's Hand and bring it back here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is The Dead Man's Hand? Olmec: The Dead Man's Hand can be found in The Mine Shaft.

  • Olmec: Which of these men was a friend of Wild Bill and later fought a battle at Little Bighorn - General Grant, General Custer, or Colonel Sanders? Silver Snakes: Colonel Sanders! Olmec: Incorrect. (audience starts laughing) Kirk: Ohhhh...

  • Olmec: The men who drove the spikes and laid the rails for The Great American Railroad were called "Gandy Dancers." And the biggest and strongest of them all was John Henry. One day, the railroad foreman came up to him with a stranger and said... Railroad Foreman: John Henry, Mr. Jones here says his steam engine can outdrill even my best man. And I aim to find out. I'm going to put you up ahead in the tunnel there with you on one side and the steam drill on the other. We'll see who drives further. Olmec: John Henry slung his hammer over his shoulder. John: (grimly) That'll be me. Olmec: ...he said, and followed the foreman up the line. John Henry took his position. Railroad Foreman: Go! Olmec: ...shouted the foreman. And John Henry started swinging with all his might. The steam drill chugged and drilled, and when the smoke cleared, John Henry had driven fifteen feet through the rock, and the steam drill had only gone nine. The other Gandy Dancers cheered and lifted John Henry on their shoulders. The railroad retired John Henry's hammer, and it found its way to The Temple. Your quest is to retrieve his Hammer and bring it here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is The Hammer? Olmec: John Henry's Lost Hammer can be found in The Room of the Golden Idols.

  • Olmec: When he was 17, a famous Italian explorer traveled from Venice and along the legendary Silk Road to China. He was Marco Polo. Along the way, he rode camels through burning deserts, giant sandstorms, and through icy mountains. After he arrived in China, Marco was invited to dinner at the palace of the Emperor Kublai Khan. Marco was very impressed by Kublai Khan's Court, and The Khan was very impressed with Marco's bravery and intelligence. They quickly became friends, and Khan gave Marco many gifts including ivory, jade, silk, and some say a very special pet cricket cage made of gold. On the journey back to Venice, he was robbed by bandits and lost everything including The Golden Cricket Cage. It is your quest to find The Missing Cricket Cage and bring it back here. Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is The Golden Cricket Cage? Olmec: The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan can be found in The Spider's Lair.

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Notes (436)

  • The Red Jaguars made it to Olmec's Temple, but ran out of time and failed to retrieve the artifact.

  • The Silver Snakes - Hector and Karissa and the Red Jaguars - James and Sabrina made it to the Temple Games.

  • The four teams that made it to the second round were: Red Jaguars: 1st Blue Barracudas: 2nd Silver Snakes: 3rd Orange Iguanas: 4th

  • Known Temple Guard locations: The Cave of Size

  • Temple Layout: Season 1, Layout 5

  • The Treasure Map was hidden in The Dungeon

  • The Red Jaguars made it to Olmec's Temple, but ran out of time and failed to retrieve the artifact.

  • The Red Jaguars - Sean and Katherine and the Purple Parrots - Keith and Leslie made it to the Temple Games.

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Trivia (374)

  • The first of two times that the second team member doesn't get to enter The Temple because their partner ran out of time before getting the artifact or got caught by two Temple Guards (Both were Red Jaguar teams)

  • 5th time that the Red Jaguars make it to The Temple

  • One of two known episodes to have The Temple run without an audience

  • One of four Temple runs to be won with one second left

  • 1st time that the Silver Snakes retrieve the artifact successfully

  • 1st time The Silver Snakes make it to The Temple

  • The Temple Run music has an unusual ending in this episode.

  • 1st time the Orange Iguanas make it to The Temple

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Allusions (1)

  • The Dead Man's Hand is a poker hand consisting of two black 8's, two black Aces, and one other card (Believed to be a 5 or 9 of Diamonds)