News Briefs: FX Cancels Legit and Chozen

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 15, 2014


... Believe me, I am already kicking myself for that subhead, but it's already out there and I still haven't figured out where the backspace key is on this fancy computer box, so it's there to stay! Anyway, FX Networks confirmed today that it will not be renewing FX's animated comedy Chozen or FXX's Legit for Seasons 2 and 3, respectively. I know you're all very sad about the demise of these comedies that you probably weren't watching given their low ratings (Legit was really pretty good!), but try to keep it together at least until you're out of the public eye. What you do behind closed doors is none of our business. [FX via press release]


... Former How I Met Your Mother star and current Tony Award-nominee Neil Patrick Harris revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that he had discussions with both CBS head honcho Les Moonves and network programming boss Nina Tassler about taking over the Late Show when David Letterman retires in 2015. Much to Stephen Colbert's delight, Harris wasn't intrigued by the repetitive nature of late night. He did, however, express interest in a weekly variety show. In related news: Yes, please! [Vulture]

... Rumors are swirling that Joel McHale, former Greendale student-turned-professor and current host of The Soup, might be in the running for Late Late Show hosting gig that Craig Ferguson will exit at the end of this year. Naturally, this rumor started the way all rumors start: Twitter. Julie Chen posted a photo of herself, her husband Les Moonves, and McHale very early this morning, which clearly means McHale is going to replace Craig Ferguson. It also means famous people are friendly with other famous people, and Julie Chen knows how to use the camera on her phone. [Deadline]

... You might want to go outside and double-check that the world isn't disintegrating, because The CW outperformed Fox in the ratings on Tuesday! Glee hit a new series low and was beat by the vampires, witches, and werewolves of The Originals; the musical dramedy pulled in only 1.9 million viewers and a 0.6 in the 18-to-49 demo, while Klaus and the Mikaelsons brought in 2.06 million and 0.9 rating. In the 9pm hour, Supernatural also performed better than Fox's new game show Riot, as the Winchesters and Castiel brought in 2.1 million viewers and earned a 0.9 rating. Booyah! [EW]

... Chris Rock will host this year's BET Awards, which will air live on Sunday, June 29 at 8pm on, yep you guessed it, BET. This will be Rock's first time hosting the awards. [BET via press release]

... SundanceTV has announced its next original series. Following in the complicated footsteps of Rectify and the literally huge footsteps of The Red Road's Jason Momoa is Babylon, which the network is co-producing alongside U.K. broadcaster Channel 4. Executive-produced by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), the series is described as a "biting workplace satire set inside a modern police force." A feature-length "pilot" aired earlier this year in the U.K. The six-episode series stars Brit Marling as an American who's brought in to "revolutionize" the public relations department of London’s police force. It will premiere on SundanceTV in 2015. [SundanceTV via press release]

... In addition to the all the new series it's debuting later this year and in 2015, TNT has several new projects in development. Anonymous, written by Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy) and produced by Vince Vaughn, follows an ex-Special Ops soldier who discovers a worldwide cover-up that forces him to go into hiding, where he finds he's of better use helping those who cannot help themselves. There's also Breed, which is a supernatural drama (of course) that centers on a "volatile race of creatures" who are straight-up murdering a bunch of people in the Pacific Northwest. I'm starting to think Marshall Eriksen was right to never go there, because that area is full of wacky weirdos, including Tim! President X comes from super-producer Greg Berlanti (ArrowEverwoodThe Tomorrow People) and is described as a conspiracy thriller following a president who awakens from a 13-month coma to discover that the attempt on his life that put him in a coma came from within the US. No longer the prez, he uses his "Detroit-bred cunning" to investigate his own murder. The rest of TNT's new development slate can be found here. [TNT via press release]


... Naya Rivera may've been written out of Glee's Season 5 finale, but Ryan Murphy has confirmed that she WILL be back for Season 6, which will premiere on Fox in 2015. That will hopefully be plenty of time for us to forget all about the hot mess that was the Season 5 finale. [Extra]


... Calling all fans of The West WingThe Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with series creator Aaron Sorkin and the cast of the Emmy Award-winning drama, which was greenlit at NBC 15 years ago this month. It's a pretty long interview, but it's insightful and it covers the development and casting processes, Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme's exits after Season 3, and some fun anecdotes from filming. It's worth a read for fans of the series. [THR]


... TNT and TBS released trailers for a big crop of news shows premiering this fall and in 2015, including The Librarians, the supernatural drama Proof, the cop-spoof Angie Tribeca, and more.

... CBS released its new fall schedule and The Big Bang Theory and NCIS: LA are both moving to new nights. The network also released trailers for its new fall shows.

... The end is nigh for Two and a Half MenSeason 12 will be the series' last.

... CBS has officially said "No thanks!" to the How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad.

... Most of late-night television is in flux, but Conan has been renewed through 2018.

... We broke down the good, the bad, and the ugly of ABC's 2014-2015 schedule.

... We also broke down the good, the bad, and the ugly of CBS's 2014-2015 schedule.

... Somehow Supernatural waited nine years to title an episode "Stairway to Heaven."

... Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. successfully accomplished its first mission with a solid Season 1 finale.

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  • vampman87 May 16, 2014

    With Legit gone, does that mean more Garth on Supernatural? Granted, his last episode sucked, but if the CW genuinely wants to make a DECENT supernatural spinoff, Garth is a top contender for protagonist because at least he's INTERESTING. (Though DJ Qualls doesn't have the supermodel looks the men of Bloodlines had, but he does have Mr. Fizzles, who became a sensation on the internet.)

  • current May 16, 2014

    First Legit, so how long before Wilfred gets taken to the pound?
    McHale doing Ferguson's spot? I doubt it. He works well as a host and actor but I can't see him doing the whole sit down with guests bit. But then as it stands, I can't see much of anyone filling Ferguson's style of show and perhaps that's the real issue for me. He's the only late night host I never miss and Christmas is going to be all the colder for his absence.

  • JT_Kirk May 16, 2014

    Joel McHale is awesome, I'm not sure I want to lose him as an actor to gain him as another middle-aged white guy talk show host, but if anybody has to fill the part, he has proven himself awesome there as guest on the show, and as host of Talk Soup.

    Ha ha, suck it Fox, when The CW beats you it's time to go home and rethink your choices.

    Chozen should never, ever have made it to air in the first place. It was terrible.

    Oh boy, TNT's developing projects all sound horrendous.

  • MathewBarrett May 15, 2014

    Legit is a brilliant show. Cant believe some of the rubbish still on tv and quality shows get canceled all the time. It seems the less brain cells you need to watch and understand a show, the longer it lasts.

  • fweak May 15, 2014

    It sucks the Chozen was canceled, I enjoyed the music and voice actors a lot, plus the finale was epic. Legit wasn't my thing, I tried a bunch of episodes but things never really went anywhere.

  • Fiatooo May 15, 2014

    Thanks for the West Wing article link!

  • vicbjones May 15, 2014

    Surprisingly, I watched more episodes of Legit than I did of Archer this season. Legit was the closest thing I had to a sitcom I was watching regularly and practically the only programming I've watched on FXX. Sorry to see it go, but not really surprised.

  • dodge_hickey May 15, 2014

    Ha! NPH was my choice (I think the only commenter on here) to take over from Letterman.

    I am not shocked at all by Chozens cancellation, the promos after Archer looked dire.

  • DustinEsquire May 15, 2014

    WTF , why can't anything good last these days. I guess nothing gold can stay.

  • Indyman911 May 15, 2014

    I too liked Chozen but the writing was on the wall when it got reduced from 13 episodes to 10. As another posted said, it was weird. And I like weird. Wonder if the other 3 episodes were made and dropped and may show up on DVD or never saw the light of day. Oh well. Already dropped it and Archer from DVR (Archer was so disappointing this year).

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