FXX Puts Premiere Dates On Legit and Ali G: Rezurection

By Tim Surette

Jan 17, 2014

As if your premiere dates calendar hasn't gotten enough action already from the last week or so, we have two more for you. FX-offshoot FXX has announced debut times for two of its upcoming shows, Legit and Ali G: Rezurection. Both comedies will premiere Wednesday, February 26, with Legit leading at 10pm and Ali G following at 10:30pm.

Legit, starring Australian comedian Jim Jefferies as Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, is entering its second second, with Jim set to test the dating waters, ponder possible sex addiction, and put up with his friend's dad's extended visit. 

Ali G: Rezurection is a souped-up American version of the popular British series Da Ali G Show with star Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat, very nice) adding all-new introductions to each episode. Awkwardness abounds when Cohen dresses up as gangster Ali G and interviews unsuspecting subjects; the show is where Borat and Bruno both got their start, and a should-watch for anyone who hasn't seen them.

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  • KennethJP Jan 19, 2014

    the dictator was by far his best work by sasha baron cohen in his comedies though, ali g second, borat third.... bruno cant even make the list for me.

  • Dudekotka Jan 17, 2014

    I dislike both Borat and Bruno, but I find myself regularly quoting Ali G.