Less Than Kind

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Quotes (19)

  • Sam: You were conceived in the back seat of a Cavalier! Sheldon: I didn't need to know that!

  • Anne: (To her sons) It's okay, your daddy's just impotent.

  • John: You can't hide from the Towminator. He always gets his car.

  • (Josh is auditioning girls for "Taming of the Shrew") Josh: Hey can we do that cock holding scene? Leo: (correcting) That's cuckolding.

  • Leo: I am looking to cast a name in our next show and... how would you feel about playing Petruchio? Josh: Cool. Would I get to wear the nose?

  • (Scene with octopus in studio) Barry: (To josh) I have seniority!

  • Sam: (Sam is giving Mrs. Waldrop a driving lesson) Your drifting.
    Mrs. Waldrop: I'm not drifting.
    Sam: People are going to think you're drunk.
    Mrs. Waldrop: They're not going to know that.

  • Sheldon: (As Sheldon opens the door Miriam throws her birthday gift at him) Owww!
    Miriam: Return it? I would have to take a bus then a walk then another bus. This is Winnipeg, it's 30 below, get over yourself!
    Sheldon: Do you want to come in?
    Miriam: Perhaps.

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Notes (38)

  • Music in this episode: "Parkdale", Elizabeth Shepherd

  • The strange arrowed symbol shown as part of the show's title card during the opening credits is a depiction of an actual street sign that exists in Winnipeg near a junction which is locally referred to as "Confusion Corner".

  • The theme song heard during the opening credits is "One Great City!", written and performed by The Weakerthans.

  • The scenes at Uzzies Falafel Palace were actually filmed at Juliana Pizza and Restaurant, 678 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg.

  • Closing credits music: "My Old Jacknife", Ladyhawk

  • Scenes at "Kim Campbell High School" were shot at the Adolescent Parent Centre, 136 Cecil Street, Winnipeg.

  • Although credited in a "Starring" role, Lisa Durupt (Shandra) does not appear in this episode.

  • Closing credits music: "Au Revoir Mon Coeur", Y. Murray and P.Zaza.

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Trivia (4)

  • Before Sheldon peels his banana we briefly see that it has "Have a Good Day Captain" written on the outside.

  • The actual location where the scene when Sheldon makes peace with Imelda's father was shot is the Philippine-Canadian Centre, located at 737 Keewatin Street in Winnipeg.

  • The role of Sam's hospital roommate was played by Doug Brown, a professional football player with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

  • The episode title "That's Somebody's Knish!" was Artie Rosen's exclamation when he saw a digital photo of Clara's private parts.

Allusions (5)

  • The fictional Kim Campbell High School is named after Canada's 19th Prime Minister who served just over three months in 1993.

  • The title is an allusion to the term "Shell Game" however it uses the short version Sheldon's name, ie "Shel".

  • The episode title, "Pakikisama" is a reference to a Filipino trait that encompasses the ability of a person to maintain harmonious relationships with others.

  • The cover of the fictitious comic "Shedaan" shows the publisher as the "McKinney Comics Group". Mark McKinney is the producer of this TV series.

  • The episode title "Terminus Ad Quem" is a Latin phrase meaning "the end point".