Let's Make A Deal (1963)

2003-Episode 2

Season 19, Ep 2, Aired 3/11/03
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  • Episode Description
  • * Deal 1 -- In the opening deal, Bush chose a man named Steven (LNU), who had a hard-boiled egg in his possession. Steven was offered an eventual $1,500 for the egg, or he could take what was behind the curtain. Steven chose the curtain, which concealed a Honda personal watercraft worth $10,800. * Deal 2 -- Two unknowns (prize or cash). Bush chose Brian, David and Robin (a pretty blonde dressed as a housemaid). The deal went thusly: -- Brian could take either the curtain (which contained "land transportation") or an envelope containing an unannounced sum of cash. Brian took the envelope, which contained $2,500. Behind the curtain ... Vance (wearing a sombrero) riding a donkey! Vance: "Does this hat make my ass look big?" -- David was offered either sea transportation or an envelope containing an unannounces sum of cash. He passed up $150 for luggage and a Caribbean cruise worth $8,970. -- Robin was offered a curtain concealing either one of the two previous prizes or an envelope containing one of the two cash amounts. Robin did not fare as well as Brian or David; she chose the curtain which concealed the donkey. Yup, she should have taken the envelope which had $2,500 inside! * Deal 3 -- Jonathan was asked to throw a ball, and would be paid $10 for each 1 m.p.h. he could throw it. Or, he could take the unknown item inside the box (which had something to do with the nightlife). Poor Jonathan would have been a loser either way -- he badly misthrew the ball (it hit the top of the large screen and riccocheted into the studio), and the box had a cage full of bats. * Deal 4 -- Newlyweds Paul and Ashley could win a 2003 Jeep Wrangler SE (worth $19,875) if they correctly chose which purse held the keys to the Jeep. We're introduced to Ellie, a chimp wearing a green turtleneck sweater and a black hat. Billy puts the keys inside Ellie's pocketbook, and Ellie is taken backstage. Then, Ellie comes out ... uh, which one is Ellie? Three chimps, identically dressed and each bearing a pocketbook, come out; it was up to Paul and Ashley to decide which Ellie had the pocketbook with the keys. They chose the center chimp. After Billy reveals the contents of the right chimp's pocketbook (a photo of Vance inside) came the moment of truth -- and the center chimp's pocketbook had ... the keys! Paul and Ashley won. The left chimp's pocketbook, BTW, held a banana inside. * Deal 5 -- Vincent (dressed like a nerd and definitely playing the part) is given an ATM card and invited to the LMaD ATM machine. He can continue to withdraw cash, stopping at any time or risking his winnings on the chance that a red "BUST" slip would come out, bankrupting the contestant. The deal went thusly: --Draw 1: $500. Continues. --Draw 2: $800 (total $1,300). Continues. --Draw 3: $20 (total $1,320). Continues. --Draw 4: $100 (total $1,420). Continues. --Draw 5: $1,000 (total $2,420). Continues. --Draw 6: $50 (total $2,470). At this point, Vincent (who has gone "ca-ching!" every time Billy pushes the ATM button to reveal the next cash prize) is offered the chance to quit with his winnings, spend it on an unknown hidden behind the curtain or continue drawing from the ATM. That should have been a clue to Vincent, but he wanted to go back to the ATM (guess he liked saying "ca-ching!"). There was no more money this time; just the "BUST" slip. Vincent passed up a 50-inch color plasma flat screen TV worth $13,000. At least Vince was a good sport, and one of the great players. --Deal 6: Wearing money. David, Danny and Orin are invited to play. In turn, Vance and two of the models come out wearing trenchcoats concealing various clothing items with dollar bills attached. Each model showed a bill that gave a clue. The deal went thusly. -- Orin can choose the brunette female model's "money" attire or the curtain; the model showed a $1 bill. Orin chose the curtain and won a home theater system (a color TV, a DVD player and an MP3 player) worth $2,000. The model's dress was made of 600 $1 bills, good for $600. -- David could choose Vance's cash attire (he showed a $10 bill) or the home theater system. David chose Vance's clothing, and won $6,000 as a result (a tank top made of 600 $10 bills). -- Danny could take the home theater system or the sexy blonde model's clothing. She showed a $20 bill. Danny preferred sex appeal and that was a bad thing this time; she wore a bikini with three $20 bills attached, good for $60. * Deal 7 -- Roderick and Masherri (sp.?) participate in a pitcher's duel with Pittsburgh Pirates pitching gem Matt Hurges. Masherri had to guess who would throw faster -- Hurges with his off hand, or her husband Roderick, with a correct guess worth $2,500. Roderick threw 42 m.p.h. (not that bad), while Matt threw 29 m.p.h. Masherri chose Hurges; too bad. * Deal 8 -- Aaron played a Fear Factor-type game. Aaron (dressed as a Hawaiian and sounding very nasally) was shown three prizes -- a notebook computer, a trip to Las Vegas and a new car ... the 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle). Aaron -- who was escorted to a table with six holes (two per prize) -- had to decide whether the correct price for each prize was higher or lower than the announced value. Then, he had to stick his hand in the appropriate hole, and whatever he pulled out would announce whether he won that prize. He could quit at any time or risk it on the chance he had guessed incorrectly with the next prize. The deal went as such: --Computer (announced at $799) -- He guessed higher. If correct, he'd pull out a computer mouse; if not, he'd stick his hand in a cage containing live mice. He was correct. --Las Vegas (announced at $2,600) -- He guessed lower. If correct, he'd pull out dice; if not, he would stick his hand in a cage containing snakes. He guessed right. --Car (announced at $19,790) -- He guessed lower. If correct, he'd pull out the keys; if not, a bunch of larvae would be swarming all over his hand. Not this time; he pulled out the keys and won everything! * The Big Deal of the Night was worth $50,992. Steven and David gave back their prizes to go for the Big Deal. Steven chooses Door 2, while David goes for Door 1. --Door 3 (which nobody chose) concealed an Elvis Presley prize package -- Elvis memorabilia; a trip to Memphis, Tenn. (and touring the various sites, including Graceland); and a mint-condition pink 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille hardtop sedan. Total value: $23,461. -- Door 2 -- Steven won a trip to Jamacia, a Bushnel optical gift package (a telescope, binoculars, night vision binoculars and a range finder) and $2,500 cash. Total value: $10,539 (so he went down a couple hundred dollars, but Steven wasn't complaining). -- Door 1 -- David went home with the Big Deal. His package included a 30-pc. cookware set; a new General Electric kitchen (with a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, a gas range with overhead microwave oven, a wall oven, a dishwasher and trash compactor); and a European vacation (where he could take cooking lessons). With an additional $11,000 spending money, the total value of the deal was worth $50,992!moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Monty Hall

    Host (1963-1986; fall 1990-Jan. 1991)

  • Geoff Edwards

    Sub-Host (1984) a.k.a The All New Let's Make a Deal (1984)

  • Vance DeGeneres

    Co-Host; Assistant (2003)

  • Nicole Pulliam

    Model (2003)

  • Vanessa Minnillo

    Model (2003)

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  • Notes (1)

    • Some family-type deals again mixed in with an adults-only deal (the deal with the models and Vance wearing clothing made of dollar bills). Also, there was double-entendre thrown in (reference to Vance's remark about whether Billy thought his hat was larger than his "ass"); did it refer to Vance's donkey or his posterior? Still, a decent-enough show; Vincent (the "ca-ching" nerd) was a great contestant, and the possibility of someone winning a mint-condition pink 1959 Cadillac (as part of the Big Deal segment) was awesome. The only disappointment in that prize package was there was no Elvis CDs and/or Time-Life "Rock 'n' Roll Era" 20-CD set to go with a jukebox.

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