The Grave Danger Job

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    By thefanof, Aug 17, 2011

    "The Grave Danger Job" was a really fun episode of Leverage. Usually my main gripe with this show is how the main plot quickly unravels and they end up taking the story in an odd direction. Well, that happened about halfway through tonight's episode, but it worked as the con quickly shifted from the scam at the funeral parlor to saving Hardison from Javier, a drug lord. When the plot is all screwball-esque like that, I can enjoy the show and it produced some solid moments including Parker displaying emotion, something not frequently on Leverage, and Nate actually not knowing what to do in a huge problem.

    Gets a 7/10 from me for moving quickly, but also being a little bit over the top. Why would Javier bury Hardison instead of stashing him somewhere?moreless

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