The Low Low Price Job

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    Pause on Eliot. Fade to black.

    By silversurfersgp, Apr 09, 2013

    In answer to the fan who asked what happened after Eliot knocked on his father's door and left the six-pack of beer, it basically ends there. Eliot steps off the porch, the camera focuses on his face and he looks a little sad, then it fades to black. The End. I found this story a little slow moving after the frenetic pace of the last episode, "The Frame Up Job", but we do guess from Eliot's hints to his co-worker at the store that his dad also ran a mom and pop store in a small town. And, we see what could be the beginnings of a budding romance between him and his client.moreless

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    The Low Price Job

    By thefanof, Dec 02, 2012

    A nice ripped from the headlines episode as the Leverage team took out a Wal-Mart esque store, but we also had a nice little side storyline where we learned a little bit more about the usually serious Eliot.

    An intriguing episode, one that was relatable, and even amusing at times.

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    GREAT!! But how did it end? Cablevision cut the ending off my recording, as usual!!!

    By pamdressel, Nov 29, 2012

    I LOVE Leverage! This 11/27/12 one was great! BUT thanks to my Optimum/Cablevision the last 1 minute was cut off when I recorded it!! They always cut short my recordings of the last minute!!! :( Did anything else happen after Elloit's 2nd knock on the door besides his leaving a 6-pack????? THANKS to anyone who will fill in the missing minute. Cablevision ended my recording without showing the last few moments, as usual!!! BOO Cablevision.

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    i love this show but..

    By joewa, Nov 29, 2012

    what happened in this episode? why was the background music on all the time and why didn't it sound like background music ? it was really annoying actually!

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