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  • 5.5

    Good start, dies in the middle, creeping death at the end.

    By rhydian, Jun 09, 2013

    The show starts off fun the first two seasons keep you interested in a very colorful show with interesting enemies. Despite the Beyond thunderdome campy appearance of the show the first two seasons are enjoyable in sort of a Brazil meets 5th element only less interesting kind of way. However the writer of the show had a vision, not a show in mind so the next two seasons are singly the most boring thing I have ever tried to watch. If you can even make it through season 4 you have the fortitude of a god.

    I cant bash to show too much, it did create ideas that other shows took and made better shows with, Andromeda and Farscape both went with the living ship idea and it did have interesting elements that got used again. However the writing and plot as a whole felt like some long winded skin flick filmed in a cheap studio in Canada. It looks like something that I would have watched on USA up all night in the 80s. Its right up there with attack of the killer tomatoes.moreless

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  • 6.0

    Lexx Waste

    By RockWolf, Sep 03, 2012

    The script missed the mark and lef the viewer confused and changing channels.

    Better effects than script.

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  • 6.5

    Lexx - Where to begin?

    By co_fragment, Oct 23, 2011

    It's hard to fully explain the contrast of feelings I have for this show. It could be utterly unique one minute and then staggeringly facile and derivative the next.

    There's always talk of 'you didn't get it' if you mention some dislike of the show to a hardcore fan, but unfortunately for a show that enjoyed poking fun at tropes of SF shows and at the world in general it was often crushingly obvious and poorly written. As for most of the humour and 'eroticism,' well that barely ever worked for me.

    That being said Stanley is the epitome of the loser in space - Phillip J. Fry and Arnold Rimmer would have a lot to learn from him, but despite this the acting was always so good you couldn't help but feel sympathy for him. The rest of the principal cast were good too - although I always thought Eva Habermann was far better as Zev. It's just a shame that the majority of the supporting actors tended to put in a poor performance.

    The other thing I still give major credit for, is the guts to do things most SF shows don't and that's not care about shaking up the universe - whether destroying one, putting the Earth in the 'dark' universe and then just blowing it up.

    Do I miss it? Just a tiny bit, as once in a while it would surprise the hell out of you, just wish it had happened more often.moreless

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    A twisted tale of a dead man, a love slave and Idiot as they traval the light and dark galaxey

    By nytesyder, Sep 30, 2011

    I have bought the whole series and think it was ones of great shows. Would advise anyone that this show should be watched. It is a little on the preverted side but we are all able to enjoy that a little as well. I loved this show. I want it back my whole family thought it was great and would really love it to be brought back. The song where great my son walks around the house singing the Brunnen G battle song. It needs to be brought back to complete the story and see if Stan and Xev found a place to call home. I want to know if the little ship grows up.moreless

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    i loved this show!! it was so groovy! i miss it so much also that song! time begins and then time ends then time begins once again ^^

    By darkfawkes, May 12, 2010

    omg this show for the people who can handle heavy metal and Si-fi Mystify crazy stuff. its so kool to bad they did not go on any longer but like the song "time begins and then time ends and time begins once again it has happen before it is happening now it will surly happen again." ( sorry if i got some of the words mixed up not seen it in so long) also Lexx he is a bug. i mean sure u had other live creatures be ships but a dragon fly its to kool!! think i will look for it on Veoh XD or some other site ^^moreless

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  • 4.0

    Very bad choise!

    By da_dunker, May 01, 2010

    I've watched Lexx grudgingly, trusting others' advice that it would eventually prove worthwhile. It hasn't. This is some of the worst sci-fi I've ever seen. The writing is poor, the cast is miscast, the plots are muddled (and apparently written by people with serious psychosexual issues), the effects are cheap and desktop-PC like, and the music is heavy handed. There's nothing worth saving here. I'm not even sure I'd call this science fiction. I'd call it fantasy, perhaps, because there's virtually no scientific credibility to anything in this show. The technology is a poorly executed prop in a universe that makes no sense. They've failed to explore any themes or ideas that relate to the future, to science, or to society, and their presentation of a futuristic dystopia is confused and obviously poorly thought out. Its Jules Verne sensibilities would be more appropriate to a program for small children (though its sadomasochistic undertones rule that out, obviously). Some shows are bad in a good way. This isn't one of them, and I'm guessing it's ended a few careers. I just hope it isn't getting any play outside Canada, as it's a national embarrassment. I'd put it in the What the #*?# Were You Thinking bucket of failed television.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Very good at the begining...

    By DoomNuken, Feb 22, 2009

    ...but from the 3rd season forward it just went bad. Dont get me wrong, still love this series mainly because of is originalty, kind of gothic sci fi erotic series.

    I liked the way teh stories deevelops from teh begining and how the caracthers orginality and sometimes scares me.

    Other times i just love the coic side of all the situations and sometimes the ridiculous on the dialogues.

    At the end i allways feel an warm feeling and almos cozy, like it was a familiar series from a long time. I hope that doesnt sound weird. Good show for some people awfull for others.. what can i say?moreless

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    By ivasamodiva, Sep 27, 2007

    Lexx is the best show I've ever watched!

    Zev is my favourite!Kai and Stenly too! I want more series and if anyone is interested in new seasons

    Also of War of the worlds,V, Star Trek: The Animated series, The six million dollar man, The bionic woman, Space: Above and Beyond, Planet of the Apes, The incredible Hulk, Space: 1999, Dark Skies, Battlestar Galactica, Beyond Westworld, Logan's Run, Ufo, The Prisoner, Short Attention Span Theater, Sci-ography

    and other sci-fi shows, please,sign a petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/eulogy/petition.html

    You only have to put your name and your email adress and is ready.I can't wait!moreless

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  • 10

    Awesome show, loads of fun if you're into strange stuff.

    By idefix7, Aug 20, 2007

    I guess this show might be considered offensive, profane and all other sorts of things, never the less I love it!

    There are only a few Scifi shows that made me laugh like Lexx does. More than that I loved watching a show where an anti-hero (for lack of a better word) has control over a giant and powerfull spaceship and mostly just uses it for his own amusement, like blowing up plants among other things, or to run away as fast as he can to stay alive.

    Helping other people is not on Stanley H. Tweedles todo-list and he usually only does it if threatened with his life or some hot chick calls for help, not that it has ever earned him anything but trouble but he still trys to get sex out of every opportunity that presents itself. In the end he usually has to run for his life.

    The only reason he is beeing kept alive by his totally disloyal and disfunctional crew is that he is the only who has the key to the Lexx and he naturally does not part with it.

    Its kind of refreshing to see a scifi show that actually features a low life main character, who despite everything is trying to save the universe but only to save his own behind.moreless

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  • 8.2

    This show is about people who escape from a cluster planet because they are sentenced to death by the divine shadow they escape on the lexx a powerfull bug what can destroy planets along the way they are tracked down by Kai a assasin who turns good.

    By N8WHARTON, Jun 30, 2007

    This show for me is one of a kind ive watched this when it first come on tv ive always liked it and i feel like the humour is so funny and witty at times your eyes could water. Although it maybe funny there is also a actual storyline to the show. Who would have thought of a robot head falling in love with a love slave and a dead assasin been there friends. The fact is this show is sexy and humourous at the same time for me this show is the most classic show i watched when I was young.moreless

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