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    By DreamDollReviews, Oct 11, 2015

    Not bad. Not good either. Animation was sorta wonky. And they represented the loyalists pretty badly.

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    A Revolutionary Show

    By kevodo, Sep 28, 2013

    This show will truly teach you about the American Revolution. It isn't perfect but it does a very good job of blending good stories with factual scenarios pulled from the founding of the USA. It also gives a good sense of the international aspects by having the lead girl just off the boat from England and Benjamin Franklin in England and then France. Bravo

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    I love Liberty's Kids!

    By selena_cyrus16, Apr 04, 2013

    Just a quick review of this great show.

    Story: 9/10

    Characters: 8/10

    Art: 10/10

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    right on target

    By KellyJustus, Dec 01, 2012

    I think it is very accurect. People have not been taught the true story of America. The American Heritage Series does show the history of this country. With document to back it up which he shows. Look up The American Heritage Series on youtube by David Barton and Wall Builders. People are so uneducated. One guy told me that none of the founding Father's were Christian. but 53 of 56 were Christiand and regulary went to church. Many of them were preachers. It is all very sad. The president said there were other people other than Christians helped to found America. Who? He didn't say because it is not true. Christian founded America so that everyone could worship God in anyway they wanted to. There was Relious Liberty for all. We are losing that Liberty. Right now we can believe what we want and can not act on it. They had that in other countries. Relious freedom without the goverment interfering is what our Founding Father's wanted for us. They voted on Abolishing slavery in the first congress but it missed by one vote. People need to know the truth. Our Presient and Vis President have lied over and over on this. The media lets them do it. They keep saying it over and over and now people believe. Separation of church of state is not in the Constitudes. It simple says for Congress not to make laws either for or against religion. Read itmoreless

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    Horrible anti-British and petty nationalist propaganda

    By Beery1, Nov 13, 2011

    Am I the only one not drinking the Kool-Aid here? I mean Liberty's Kids has about as much connection to actual early US history as does Mel Gibson's 'The Patriot'. The British are portrayed as stereotypical monsters unless they are pro-revolution. This show is overly simplistic - even young kids can understand a little complexity, but Liberty's Kids gives none whatsoever.

    This show represents xenophobia and petty nationalism mixed with bad history. D.W. Griffith's racist movie 'Birth of a Nation' was more historically accurate and less prejudiced than this awful garbage. PBS should be ashamed that it even bought this show. The fact that they allowed impressionable kids to see such nonsense is unforgivable.

    My 5 year-old daughter is British, and I would hate for her to meet with the sort of hatred that a show like this can easily engender. I'm so glad that Liberty's Kids has been cancelled and that her friends are no longer likely to see the show.moreless

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    Watch the show :)

    By ErickaBigsby, Jul 01, 2011

    I love history! This is pretty much my favorite show. I've researched characters as they are introduced and have found that their portrayals are very accurate!(Fun Fact:When Sybil Lundington goes on her "Midnight Ride" the man who answers the first door is Edmund Ogden..the man she marries). The show often gives a pretty patriotic view of the Revolutionary War but also teaches viewers that having the facts is always important. They even out the patriotic feeling by having Sarah as a character to offer opposing viewpoints and by giving the main characters opportunities to learn more about their enemies, showing that they are regular people as well. (Good example is the episode The Hessians are Coming). Liberty's Kids also illustrates the fact that in war, journalism and the citizens are important factors, just like the soldiers are. I am now 17 and still enjoy this show as much, if not more, than I did when I was younger. I believe this show is the perfect way to expose young children to American history for the first time. I plan on sharing it with the kids I babysit and my students when I become a teacher.moreless

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    I show this series to my class!

    By benchervin, Feb 26, 2009

    I am a 5th grade teacher, and I often show episodes of this series to my class when we learn about the Revolutionary War. It is a great series that teaches about the events that led up to, during, and after the war. It also comes across as a great drama series also, so it is entertaining as well as informative. The characters live their lives as they did back in those times.

    Another reviewer was incorrect in stating that in the show some kids go back in time to the Revolutionary War days. Actually, the kids are apprentice journalists under Ben Franklin at his printing press newspaper business.

    Informative show, and entertaining for all ages as well.moreless

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    This happened before they made George Washington our first president.But he did not want that to be the ruler of the country, he just wanted people to live free with out someone telling them what to do, what not to do that's why the Constrution was made.

    By turkeybaby, Dec 26, 2007

    When i started to watch liberty kids in the morning, i just never thought i could learn so much from one eposide than i could learn in a class room. If anyone has young kids and they are learning about the history of the land that we all come from i would say that liberty kids is a good and interesting show to watch. Eveyone can get a lot out of watching a show of how things came together before George Washington became our first presdient of the United States.To all the parents liberty kids does have fighting in it and action of all sorts, but that is what George Washington went though to make it all posible for us to become the United States of America.moreless

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  • 9.9

    A show about the colinial times, when America was just getting started.

    By amrcndt324, Jun 11, 2007

    It's a great way to learn about history, it's like an animated history book in my opinion. I think it needs a better air time, mainly because it comes on at all different times in the morning, I've seen it at 4 AM, 5 AM, and 3:30 AM(all centeral times). Normally I'm asleep by then, but on rare occasion I'll be awake longer and be able to see it. Liberty's Kids is a great show, it's informative and I like it. I even remember once I was watching it and my cat was sitting in a chair and watching it as well, as if he was a normal human child enjoying a good show.moreless

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