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    By kikkapi, Aug 19, 2014

    t's shows like this that make me realize how awful American television is. There are an abundance of cookie-cutter police dramas, many with a ridiculous number of sequels, but Life on Mars is in a class all its own. And not just because it has a scifi slant to it. It's just exceptionally entertaining.

    John Simm is a real gem of an actor. What a treat to come across him in this performance. There are a lot of scenes in which he's quite emotional and it fits perfectly with the whole feel of the show. It has a perfect balance between the all-out ballsiness of the crude policing style of the era and the locale and the touches of nostalgia in reverse for the current state of policing.

    Kudos to the writers for their originality and daring to mix a touch of scifi with a gritty and irreverent British police drama.

    The ending is the most brilliant part. It is even more enigmatic than the finale of Lost. In Life on Mars, the ending lends itself to multiple speculations. Just when you think you've figured out what was really going on you realize, no, that's not possible a get the idea. Just watch it and see what theory you come up with.moreless

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    A great concept

    By starwars1234, May 04, 2013

    this show has to be the greatest cop show ever made, It's so cool. A very original idea

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    Fantasy sci-fi cop show. Present day Manchester DCI Sam Tyler gets to meet his 1973 counterpart.

    By molfluon, May 03, 2009

    Mad, mad idea. Quite original but derived from shows like Quantum Leap and Back To The Future. It's a real testament to the acting and script that although the basic plot is so silly you sit back and enjoy it so much.

    Sam Tyler a modern CSI style techno cop is having problems with his girlfriend who happens to be a fellow member of the team he leads. Not only that he seems dissatisfied with his job and to cap it all said g/f has now been abducted by the serial killer he's presently hunting. Distracted by frustration and tearfulness he inadvertently wanders in the path of a speeding car and suffers a head injury which puts him in a coma. From Sam's point of view however he's been transported 33 years into the past, been demoted to DI and gets frequent visions of what's happening to him whilst he's lying on his hospital bed back in the future. Or at least that's one of the options he's exploring. Could be that he's hallucinating the whole thing. There's no way to know.

    After a memorable first meeting with his new 1973 colleagues involving violence and an offer to cover up a possible drink driving offence on his part he finds out that the case they're presently working on is most likely the same guy he was after in the future. Confused? Try watching the pilot episode. It tells the tale much better than I ever could.moreless

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    Great story of the adventured of Sam Tyler

    By mrsfleeshman, Jan 03, 2009

    Life on Mars follows Sam Tyler as he tried to get home to the 21st century after waking up in 1973 when he is hit by a car. He is a police officer in Manchester who finds himself working with Gene Hunt, the complete opposite of the modern police man that Sam tries to be. Initially, he struggles with the situation and there are some great comedy moments as Sam and Gene get their wires crossed and disagree about the right course of action.

    The star of the show, for me, is Gene Hunt, who is played absolutely perfectly by Philip Glenister. Gene is a drinking, smoking, un-PC detective and still we love him for it!moreless

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    A detective chief inspector from 2006 is investigating a serial killer when he is knocked over by a speeding car. Waking up, he finds himself apparently in 1973. Is he mad, in a coma, or has he travelled back in time?

    By robbjj, Oct 07, 2008

    Right from the start this show grabs you. And keeps you interest. Is he nuts? Is he in a Coma? I can not imagine the American show even being close to as good. Half way through the first episode I was in love with Liz White, and wanted to spend the rest of the day watching the series. Each character on the team is fascinating and worth knowing more about. It is so fun and almost decadent.

    And god i hope ABC at least uses the David Bowie song...Life on Mars with out Life on mars whould be pretty lame.moreless

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    By Android2020, Sep 21, 2008

    The first time I saw Life on Mars I had some doubt but then after the first 3 episodes I was hooked. This show tell the story of Sam Tyler a cop who had a car accident in the present day and traveled back in time in 1973. Everything in this show will suddenly get you back in 1973, cars, places, musics, characters, costumes (you even got coppers with long mustache), all the details are perfectly tuned furthermore the plot its great, it isn't the basic time travel plot neither the classic 'cop show'. 10 out of 10 Watch it.moreless

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    Sam Tyler travels back in time after a car accident that sends him to coma. There he meets a totally different police eco-system to what he's used to, the meticulous police officer that he is clash with his superior DCI Gene Hunt, a "Sheriff" from '70.

    By Mafia1976, Mar 16, 2008

    This show is sheer brilliance. The seventies are beautifully shown with all their faults and merits. Petrol blue and brownish colors everywhere coupled with an absolutely fantastic selection of music from these years are the perfect background for the "Eternal Conflict" between the meticulous Sam Tyler and his brute superior officer DCI Gene Hunt (or simply "Guv"), it's a true shame that this show lasted only two seasons since the way the plot goes it could have lasted a few more seasons and it would have been worth every single penny that it costed. This is not only something you should watch, but you should also RE-watch it, really.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Gene and Sam. Absolutely amazing together.

    By Kender92, Mar 05, 2008

    I first heard of this show from a friend of the families and I thought "well it's british and has time travel so I think I'll check it out. And if I don't like it I'll just go watch Doctor Who or something." I watched the first episode and heard the amazing song Life On Mars play and I was immediately hooked. Since I completely missed it when it was on tv I bought the dvd's and preceeded to watch all 15 remaining episodes within a week. As Life On Mars played at the very end I smiled a huge smile and said to myself "that is a damn fine show". It is one of my all time favourite shows with an absolutley brilliant cast and completely un-PC Gene Hunt quotes which make me laugh every time. I am so glad I got hooked on this show and as soon as I saw it I went on to watch other british tv shows such as Primeval, Torchwood, Jekyll, Ashes to Ashes. I highly recommend it to anybody with taste and everyone has to watch Ashes to Ashes which is almost as brilliant. And also, when I type in Life On Mars on this site the american version comes up. I will tell you now that the american version will absolutely suck compared to this amazing show. The Uk version deserves to be first in the search.moreless

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    Absolutly amazing show! Great produceing, directing, acting, writeing, and masterfull camra work turn this show into somethig truely special.

    By sumi20001, Mar 05, 2008

    After randomly watching the piolt for ashes to ashes, ( the spin off series), I had to get more gene hunt and his crazy crew. I was consistantly blow away by the camra work and writeing. Alot of thought an time has been takin to make this a great show. It really shows you the different between british and american shows. Sam is hit by a car and finds himself by in the 70s and a member of Gene Hunt's group of crim fighting goons. The show only gets better as Sam's 2007 way of police work and Gene's 70s way of policeing clash. Much hillarity and great action ensue. Enjoy this show, it's a keeper.moreless

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