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    They didn't get the joke

    By kikkapi, Jan 01, 2015

    What the American producers don't seem to realize is that Life On Mars (UK) was a parody of the hard knuckled British cop shows of the 70's like The Sweeney, lots of shouting, some rough stuff and some very over the top acting. Some serious cop stuff was involved, but it was very much a comedy, the story of two mismatched cops who surprisingly end up working well together. Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler were very likable characters in different ways. The new guys are not very likable Sam Tyler is in a constant state of repressed panic, where John Sims very early on decided to play the character as basically not believing what was going on around him and quickly began to lay back, play along and enjoy the ride (with only occasional moments of panic). Harvey Kaitel is too old and too unlikeable in character to capture the charm of Gene Hunt (who is very much a legend in his own mind--and the minds of his men). If they wanted to Americanize Life on Mars it would have been better to bring to mind some American 70's cop shows like Kojack. The producers seem to have a vague notion of what the 70's were all about, there is a record store scene in the LA pilot where you can see a Kansas album which came out in 1977 just behind Sam and Annie. Colm Meaney was definitely much closer to Gene Hunt in appearance and acting style(although he could have turned him into something larger than life like Gemsler we never get to find out).moreless

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    A shit show

    By starwars1234, May 04, 2013

    The UK version is fantastic, but this is shit. Why do American have to make shit versions of great shows

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    Had to give it time to grow on you...

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

    then they cancel it. I Love the ending.

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    Big surprise the US versions sucks, with 10 minutes LESS SHOW!!!

    By JamesSaxon, Sep 13, 2012

    Just took a peek at the UK version. Lookey there. 52 minutes. American audiences so stupid. Know what people will be doing with those 10 extra minutes. In the swing states, they'll be watching 10 minutes of political poppycock campaign ads. In other states, the same damn commercials will be getting shoved down our throats that they showed in the other 8 minutes of commercials. So the American audience is intentionally being dumbed down by the "job creators"... Then they vote for Romney. Congratulations world, you are winning the culture war... When does fat and stupid lead to economic collapse? Sadly not having watched the UK show, I am actually intrigued by the US version. But perhaps with wtf happened in episode 7, I'll just switch to the UK version...moreless

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    Life on mars

    By VictorHaggy, Jan 07, 2012

    Not so much as a review. Well sorta. Who is the tool, program director that canceled this. They should be fired. Great show So I give it two thumbs up and five middle finger to the idiot that canceled it.

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    A shambles of a remake compared to the genius of the UK original.

    By bad1609, Dec 06, 2011

    It's become a running gag now in England that American remakes always flop. The Red Dwarf US pilot is hated by American fans, and the overseas version of Fawlty Towers wasn't to include Basil, the main character. Thank God the BBC haven't allowed there to be a US Doctor Who.

    Anyway, along comes Life on Mars, one of the biggest success stories for the BBC in years. And as with everything successful in Blighty, America came a'calling. Was this similar to the weak remakes of old? Sadly, yes, it was.

    The biggest insult to the original thought comes in the form of its ending. And without spoiling it, Life on Mars' US ending is possibly one of the least original and cheesiest endings a US remake ever had. Which adds to the cheek of the writers asking permission to change the ending, due to the original not being "creative enough".

    My one piece of advice to viewers is to avoid this remake with a 1 mile pole, and to purchase the UK original. It's on both DVD and iTunes around the world now, and was successful enough to gain a second run in the form of Ashes to Ashes, totaling 5 series compared to America's one series.

    America's version of Life on Mars really was a "God awful small afair"... cheesy ending I know, but fitting for the show itself.moreless

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    If you're an idiot & need a job you'll fit right in at ABC.

    By LanceMiller1, Dec 06, 2011

    I don't know about anyone else but I for one wish I had found this show sooner.

    I'm finding it hard to understand why they canceled this show, especially when you look at some of the junk that's currently on. Leave it to the networks to once again cancel a show that had promise. If you're an idiot & need a job you'll fit right in at ABC. I don't know about anyone else but I for one wish I had found this show sooner.

    I'm finding it hard to understand why they canceled this show, especially when you look at some of the junk that's currently on. Leave it to the networks to once again cancel a show that had promise. If you're an idiot & need a job you'll fit right in at ABC.moreless

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    how could you end this?

    By suezie, Oct 11, 2011

    This was one of the best shows on t.v. Please bring it back.....Please....Let the last episode be a dream. Not too many clean shows on anymore worth watching, but I made a point to watch this one. It was so interesting, waiting to see what would happen next, hoping for the best for Sam and his Mom. Please, please bring it back, or at least sequel to it. That's it, make a sequel to it. That will do just fine. Everyone would be so happy to see anything connected with the show. Please consider the fans!moreless

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    And people think this is GOOD?!

    By Gothgirlreid, Oct 11, 2011

    I live in England, and watched the original Life on Mars, which has now been renamed Life on Mars UK. This in itself is not right, as the remake is always the one which gets the setting put after it, but I digress...

    I watched the original, and this is rubbish compared to it. They have tried to keep the same stories, and failed spectactularly. Admittedly, they've kept some of the funny scenes, like the fight in the hospital room, but other than that, rubbish!

    It's practically impossible to recreate an English show in America, so why do they try? Please, people, THINK!moreless

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    Damn, I am already missing this show.

    By Zandman70, Jun 20, 2010

    Damn, I am already missing this show. I can't see how ABC can think the The Unusuals could be a superior show to LoM, especially considering the slots lead-in... LOST. If Life on Mars were on HBO or Showtime I'm sure it would have had a chance to grow and become something profound and memorable. Too bad premium cable won't take a chance on a Sci-Fi drama and network tv won't let a young, quality series find it's audience. I am seriously disappointed in ABC's decision not to give Life on Mars a chance. This may sound weird considering the psychological and introspective nature of the series but I wouldn't mind seeing a drama based on what these character do once on Mars.moreless

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