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    From the same idiots who brought you CatDog, and My Gym Partner's a Monkey, comes another complete disaster.

    By That_TV_Dude, Dec 25, 2011

    If I was able to find the people who made Lil' Bush, I'd make them pay for wasting everyone's time with this so called comedy show. How can they take a concept as simple as making fun of the former president of the USA and screw it up? It's not like there were so many things they could've made fun of, but apparently this was WAY off its mark. In Lil' Bush, it centers around the former President of the USA, George W. Bush as a kid along with his administration such as Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, and so on who are also kids. They all go and have adventures that parody the events that went on during the Bush Administration. So it sounds like a solid show, a show making fun of one of the worst presidents of all time sounds up everyone's alley, but there's already an issue with this show. The same people who made CatDog and My Gym Partner's a Monkey were apparently behind this show. Already any chance of this show being good in the least bit is destroyed, but I digress. The first thing you'll notice is that this show acts a little like CatDog in terms of ripping off another successful show. CatDog ripped off Ren and Stimpy, and Lil' Bush here is nothing more than a complete South Park wannabe. Cheney acts like Kenny with how he speaks, Bush reminds me of Cartman, and even some of the character designs look similar to South Park. The rest of the characters are no better at all really and are just forgettable. As for plots? Each one is a parody of an event from the Bush Administration such as Hurricane Katrina and Iraq, and that's all good. The problem is that the way they are executed leaves so much to be desired, and don't fulfill the potential they have. Also some of them are really stupid. A kissing contest? Is this for real? As for humor, just forget about it. It's all jokes you seen or heard before on either South Park or MUCH better TV shows. Nothing is new nor original in this show, and nothing is the least bit funny which is a shame since this is a parody. The artwork is also another bad thing, as I mentioned the character designs don't look original and bland, but the set designs have no detail to them at all and look like they were something from a coloring book not like something an artist drew, and the coloring looks bland. The animation is no better at all and is choppy most of the time and lip syncs seem off. In the end, Lil' Bush fails in every way possible with bad stories, unfunny jokes, bad characters, and waste of potential. Seriously the same people who made CatDog couldn't even get a show like this right at all? How hard was it for these idiots there? It had a simple concept, but once again the people who made CatDog fail to deliver. Even the most hated Bush fan who wanted to a show like this wouldn't find it funny at all, and I'm glad this show is canceled for good and never coming back. Word of advice Comedy Central, next time you do a show like this, get people who can actually do a parody right and not these people. Lil' Bush is nothing more than a big failure, and is best left avoided.moreless

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    This is disrespectful. The maker of this show should feel worse than Michael Moore(aka EVIL).

    By Ls_silence, May 27, 2011

    This pathetic waste of 30 minute program should be canceled asap. Why would someone disrespect the current sitting president. Maybe out of office sure, or privately in your home, but on national television, my god. I Can't believe they are getting away with this. I've tried to watch it, and all i can say is "shoot me it is so bad". It wasn't even funny. They are unamerican for doing this to the current president. Never before has it been this bad where people would go to such great lengthes to fill people's minds with anti-presidental propaganda. At least anti-conservative. This doesn't deserve a rating it is so horrible. Those who watch it, should think again about it. It put 2 thumbs down to it. Unfortunately it won't allow me to give it a zero, but it certainly deserves one.moreless

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    more liberal propaganda from Comedy Central.

    I suggest we all call the station and tell them we can think for ourselves and don't need you trying to force your political agendas.

    By kevinb4444, Apr 13, 2011

    Comedy Central used to be a comedy station for those who can't remember that far back, and now it's just an excuse for one sided ignorant propaganda. I feel sorry for people who actually watch this and can't think for themselves as well as the people who created this who actually claim this show to be funny. I'm all for poking fun at politicans, but this network always does the same thing. I for one can't wait till cable allows you to pick your channels so I can get rid of comedy central. This was such a lame idea, and Comedy Central should actually be held responsible as well as the writers of this show for wasting people's times, and causing us to lose intelligence by this horrible attempt at comedy gone wrong.moreless

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    By hippy_91, Mar 12, 2011

    Ok, so I usually like the shows that they have on Comedy Central like South Park or Reno 911, but this is just an absolute complete waste of time. Comedy Central really wasted their money with this one. First, all the characters have 'lil' before their name which is completely stupid and immature. Then the voice actor sounds nothing like George W. Bush. I mean come on! If you're going to air a show about the president, have someone who sounds like him. And the worst thing is that they try to make fun of George W. Bush and completely fail at it and it isn't even funny. I like hearing jokes on George W. Bush but this show just doen't cut it. It needs cancelled.moreless

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    The maker of this show should be proud of himself to expose our corrupt and disrespectful president.

    By marvelfan89, Oct 26, 2008

    Lil' Bush is a cartoon intending to poke fun at our current ignorant President as seen through his eyes in grade school.

    It's hilarious to read the comments on here as I expected. Let me get this straight it's disrespectful and evil to make fun of a president whose administration is disrespectful, evil, endorses torture, has lied to the American public for eight years?

    No one in the right mind would say those things especially now at the end of this corrupt administrations run we've been given their last "gift" to us, an economic crisis not see seen the Great Depression. Yeah how disrespectful to show how corrupt and laughable this administration is!!! Not!!

    One such review said this show is boring and not funny….let's take a look at some of the jokes from the pilot:

    "Tonight's episode where I go to Iraq for some reason"-Lil' Bush. That's funny as Bush himself couldn't give an adequate reason to invade Iraq other than Saddam was in touch with Al-Queda which was a bold face lie. That's disrespectful.

    "Bad news on Iraq let's see what else is on"-Lil' Bush. Also funny. Watch any of Bush's interview and you see he has an abrasive personality to brush any criticism toward him and like other cowardly right wingers calls his critics "un-americans" (a typical dumb right wing attack).

    Senior Bush: "You kids know that you aren't supposed to watch anything but Foxnews". Also funny because Foxnews has made itself to be ProBush, exaggerating news, calling people who oppose it to be Nazi supporters and any other warped idea you can think off.

    Senior Bush: "The focus on the terrible bad stuff that we're doing like torturing people and killing civilians and funneling millions of tax paying dollars." Extremely funny because it's true.

    There is no way somebody with a straight face (and who knows what the Bush legacy is really about) is going to say that's not funny. Abrasive and direct yes, but not funny? Give me a break.

    Anyways, this show was fine. I love the fact that Cheney was made to sound like a damn penguins. The Vice President comes across as a rabid animal in his interviews so I found this representation of him to be right on the money. Condoleeze Rice being made to look like an ugly girl nobody wants is a great representation of the way she comes across in real life including the way that she talks (both in the show and in the news) manipulating details and ignoring facts that would condemn the failure of the President.

    Lil' Bush himself is a great replica of our current disgraceful President.

    I thought the jokes were decent and they capture the personality of the real life characters well. The only down point for me was the whole "Graduate" spoof with Barbara Bush and Cheney...ugh that was painful. We don't need to see that. The fictional account of Lil' Bush meeting Lil' Clinton and Hilary was also funny.

    Other than that though lots of laughs here. The pilot seems to have gotten mixed reactions but I still haven't heard a great reason as to why people hate it other than they are pro-bush supporters or this show took over another show's time slot or comparing it (unfairly) to a show that doesn't even air anymore. Whatever. The second episode was funny too. Bush get sent to camp and by accident stumbles upon an Al-Queda camp. Instead, of eliminating the threat Bush instead becomes friends with the "terrorists" (in controversial fashion as the real wealth of the Bush family comes, if you want to believe it, from connection with Bin Laden's family). Likewise, the music video showing how the President becomes "decisive" (all the while showing the bombings he does all over the earth) was a hoot too. It's a good way of showing in a nutshell what Bush is about.moreless

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    One would think that the Bush administration would be an easy target without any potential for a miss. However when exaggerated potty mouth and juvenile

    By danharr, Oct 24, 2008

    One would think that the Bush administration would be an easy target without any potential for a miss. However when exaggerated potty mouth and juvenile humor passes for political satire. You have the mess that is Lil Bush. What could have been a fun romp through an unpopular presidents life. Was turned into a bias filled lowest common denominator hate fest. Even as a person who doesn't like Bush I couldn't get into the show. The humor just wasn't there and why would one watch this show when we have South Park? The point was lost in the slug fest and the backbreaking effort to make the administration look foolish. I wanted to like this show but more high brow humor is what I need in my political satire.moreless

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    Started out really good, then went downhill super fast!

    By 4EverGreen, Apr 18, 2008

    I'm really dissapointed, this show had So much potential! There was enough material that the people of Comedy Central could lift from that it would last a lifetime, regardless of what happened to the real people in real life on which the cartoon is based on. So it is really sad that someone had to go blow the whole deal for everybody! The decision to hire no-talent Kevin Federline to voice Lil' Karl Rove was by far the Worst decision that any show could've made, even worser than when "Drawn Together" ended with a lame clip show! And if that wasn't bad enough, an episode showed Lil' Bush literally killing his brain which wasn't funny, and then parading around in Saddam Hussein's dead body trying to be a funny comedy like "Weekend at Bernies," and it wasn't even as funny as the sickest scenes found in "Silence of the Lambs." It's so bad that this show had to blow everything it had going for it so soon, but maybe it's for the best anyways. Who wants a show celebrating Bush all the time even if its mocking him? I certainly don't! :roll: Enough said!moreless

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    This show is okay, but it's getting worse and worse by the episode.

    By homedawg002331, Apr 13, 2008

    I like political humor, and some of these jokes can give a couple laughs, but most of their jokes are just idiotic. It's too bad, because I was really looking forward to the series. I even bought a first season pass on iTunes for it. I did watch all of them. Like I said before, the show is decent, but it does get annoying. Most of their jokes are stale. I don't mind politically incorrect jokes, but at least use good material, and not something that you could find off any other television show like "South Park" or "Family Guy". The good thing is that you don't really have to be that into politics to watch it. I don't follow politics very much, and I can enjoy this show. I think people should give this show a shot, but don't have your standards set too high...moreless

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    If I, a Katrina kid and Tulane student, can laugh with/at the last 2 episodes (Katrina and 3 Dates) then so can you. Sure I kinda feel bad but with all the hate and violence in the world it's great to have a good laugh on a Thursday night.

    By malax001, Apr 11, 2008

    Something tells me that most of the reviews were written by very close minded people. I would ask those people what they're doing watching Comedy Central because they should know by now that Comedy Central is synonymous with "touchy" humor (at least with their own original shows: Daily Show, Colbert, South Park, etc). Don't tune in to Comedy Central if you can't laugh at those things (in which case you're left with knock knock jokes about bananas and oranges).

    That said, this show is hilarious. It is hilarious mainly because what it satires is true (yeah that is kinda sad though). Think about it though: there's so much potential to make jest at the entire Bush presidency and these guys do a brilliant job at it. If you don't like it may I suggest tuning into Fox News and just keeping it there? To all you who think I'm a democrat/independent: I'm actually a registered Republican voter but I have to say that it's great to be able to laugh about our dear "lil bush."moreless

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