Lil' Bush

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  • Lil' Bush: Hey rest of my body, we're going to Iraqistan!

  • (While in the future.) Lil' George: You're right Lil' Al. We have to save the planet. Save it from you!

  • Bush: Someday when I'm president, everyone will laugh at me.

  • (to God) Cheney: I smell your fear.

  • (Upon seeing his grade on evolution test) Bush: F for Faith. I'll take it.

  • Lil' George: If I'm a monkey then how come I'm not slingin' poo on you? Lil' Rummy: What about last Tuesday? Lil' George: Last Tuesday I was slingin' poo on everybody!

  • L'il Rove: If you always say the opposite of what you mean, people will get so confused - you can get away with anything! Let's say, you want to allow the logging industry decimate our national forests for profit. What would you call that? L'il Bush: The "decimate our national forests for profit act"? L'il Rove: No. You call it the "Healthy Forests Initiative". Here's another one. Suppose you want to pollute up the skies. L'il Bush: Boy, would I ever. L'il Rove: You'd call that the "Clear Skies Act". Then you could do whatever you want to the crummy sky. L'il Cheney: rah rah rah, like Iraqi Freedom, rah rah. L'il Rove: Yes! So if you want to be non-inclusive... Lil' Bush: You have to make everyone think you're being non-outclusive. L'il Rove: Uh, close enough.

  • L'il Condi: Come on George - think! L'il Bush: I got a better idea. What if I use my "brain"? (referring to Rove)

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Notes (1)

  • Jeb died at the end.

Trivia (10)

  • One of the newspaper headlines shown in the episode reads "Bush's approval rating soars to 32%". George W. Bush's current approval ratings are 32%.

  • This episode aired the same day that the real Tony Blair stepped down as Britian's prime minister.

  • Richard Nixon's Lacky is Mr. Rogers.

  • Some animation from this episode was recycled for the theme song music video.

  • Jeb only appeared as Transpotting Jeb.

  • Goof: Lil' Condy says that she got 3 prescriptions, but she has a whole bag full.

  • Lil George is only into fatties.

  • George Sr. calls the devil big red.

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Allusions (16)

  • Barbara Bush tells George, "Don't kill your brother, you may need his help one day to rig an election". This refers to the fact that many people think Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris purposefully disenfranchised many of Florida's residents, thus leading to the Supreme Court awarding the presidency to Bush.

  • Winnie the Pooh is seen early on in the episode holding a pot labeled "MUNNY". This is a reference to the "HUNNY" pots that are often seen in the various movies of Winnie the Pooh.

  • Lil' Cheyney: The Penguin The way Lil' Cheyney talks makes him sound like the Batman villain the Penguin

  • Lil' Bush nukes a Vegan Clamshack that served G.H. Bush clamless clamchowder. Vegan means no meat or dairy, so vegan clamchowder wouldn't have any actual clams.

  • Lil' Bush to Lil' Tony Blair: Where are you from, Narnia? Narnia is a fictional land invented by C. S. Lewis in the well-known 7 series of books collectively titled The Chronicles of Narnia, which has just started getting adapted into a very successful blockbuster movie series!

  • Lil' Bush: 24, 227, 90210. The numbers Lil' Bush calls out before he throws the football are actually all well known T.V. show titles! Specifically, they are 24; 227; & Beverly Hills 90210.

  • Cat in the Hat

  • Pillflix

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