Lily Allen and Friends

Tuesday 10:30 PM on BBC Three
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  • Sign up to be Lily's friend on her official BBC web page and shape her BBC show as part of the live studio audience or from home via the internet. Expect funny moments, cool imagery, and exciting guests.

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  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Lily Allen's Best Bits

    Aired 4/10/08

  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Episode Eight

    Aired 4/1/08

  • S 1 : Ep 7

    Episode Seven

    Aired 3/25/08

  • S 1 : Ep 6

    Episode Six

    Aired 3/18/08

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Episode Five

    Aired 3/11/08

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  • Lily Allen


  • David Mitchell


  • Tay Zonday


  • Cuba Gooding Jr.


  • Martin Freeman (II)


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  • Quotes (13)

    • Lily: Do you feel quite nervous? Cuba Gooding Jr: I keep myself calm because I've got a thong on.

    • David Mitchell: I'll tell you my favourite joke, I did not come up with this joke, but I – it belongs to the nation or the world. My favourite joke is – what's grey and can't climb trees? Lily: (pauses) Don't know... David Mitchell: A car park!

    • Anne Robinson: Lily, you've taken my studio, you've stolen my set - you are the weakest link, Lily Allen, goodbye! Lily: (laughing) I was really scared!

    • (Lee's take on the seating arrangement) Lee Mack: I have to say that I think these seats are phenomenally odd 'cause I feel like we're on the set of The Borrowers and we're sat on a giant condom.

    • Lily: Er, you started the show by giving me the punchline to your funniest joke. Lee Mack: I did, and that punchline was? Lily: The 'hey, don't knock it'. Lee Mack: Yes. Lily: What is the... Lee Mack: ...the setup? Lily: The set up, yeah. Lee Mack: Wait for this, you're gonna love this. 'Hello, I've got a sponge front door...'

    • (Talking about maybe fancying Ricky Gervais) Lily: He's actually my type. Martin Freeman: Christ the Lord! What does that mean for the rest of your boyfriends? Lily: Well I just, I quite like the sort of older man...does he have back hair? Martin Freeman: (pauses) Do you think I've slept with him?! How would I know that?!

    • (Talking about the seating arrangement) Lily: Just lie on the bed. Martin Freeman: Really? Is this, is this so we can sort of have some suggestive banter together? Lily: Or sex! Martin Freeman: I was trying to be suggestive and cheeky, you went straight for the sex…right.

    • Lily: Do you get a say about what happens to Stacey? Lacey Turner: Um, sort of, not really. You, you're sort of, they sit you down and tell you your storyline for the next couple of months and you sort of just accept it because if you try to argue it, you know it could backfire on you and you could end up just in the back of everyone's shot!

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    Notes (13)

    • Musical Perfomances From: Reverend and the Makers The Metros

    • Other people appearing: Chris Green Jake Walmsley

    • Musical Perfomances From: Adele Kids in Glass Houses

    • Musical Performances From: Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald Yelle

    • Other People Appearing: Greg Pattillo

    • Musical Performances From: The Charlatans The Whip

    • Other People Appearing: John and Michelle Brubaker

    • Musical Performances From: Roisin Murphy Look See Proof

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    Trivia (15)

    • The two bands for viewers to choose between are The Metros and Blood Red Shoes.

    • Tay Zonday performs Lily's 'Smile' in the style of his own hit 'Chocolate Rain'.

    • Youtube legends the The Syncsta Boys (aka the Gay Barbie Guys) give a special performance of their latest lip synching act, Mika's 'Grace Kelly'.

    • The two bands for viewers to choose between are Crystal Castles and Kids in Glass Houses.

    • Youtube lip synching sensation Britney Houston performs a special cover of Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love.'

    • The two bands for viewers to choose between are Yelle and Royworld. Due to personal problems Royworld had to pull out of the public vote so Yelle automatically gets to perform.

    • Youtube legend Greg Patillo recreates some of the songs from bands Louis Walsh manages.

    • The two bands for viewers to choose between are The Whip and Pete and the Pirates.

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  • Lily Allen and friends Show:How much we love the show and a special request.

    By ginepigs, Mar 24, 2008