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  • Tony: Come on, get the bruiser off the field! You're telling me that's a girl? I want a chromosome test! Spectator: That's my daughter. Tony: Hell of a player.

  • Tony: I'll admit, it's not very "P."

  • Tony: And what is this number 57785. That's not a phone number; that's a zip code.

  • Tony: I'm going to go call my good friend Bleve on his five digit phone number.

  • Bernie: I gotta admit, I never would have believed that you could squeeze so many columns out of being bald and fat. Tony: I can write about a lot of other stuff besides that. Bernie: What's this one about? Tony: Being short.

  • Mickey: I got enough points on my driver's test to get my learner's permit. Tony: Enough points? What does that mean? You hit 'em, but you don't actually kill 'em?

  • Tony: Bernie announced a contest to win the lock of my hair.

  • Lauren: You described my underwear to an entire city. Tony: Country actually, it's syndicated.

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Notes (20)

  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Bernie) will be receiving the "And" credit.

  • Jason Alexander's involvement triggered a greenlight on the production of the pilot.

  • Listen Up is attempting to lift "The Seinfeld Curse." The curse is that Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards have all not been able to make a successful show after there long-running sitcom Seinfeld.

  • 'Shut Up and Listen' was the development title for the show but was later changed to Listen Up. Shut Up and Listen was also the devolpment title for Tony and Bernie's talk show, but it was also changed to Listen Up.

  • As of this episode, the show has a new opening theme.

  • CBS repeated this episode on Monday, January 10, 2005 at 8:30 PM.

  • CBS repeated this episode on Monday, February 28, 2005 at 8:30 PM.

  • Listen Up was given a full season after this episode aired, making Jason Alexander the first Seinfeld alum to warrant a complete 22-episode season.

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Trivia (11)

  • Tony's talk show 'Listen Up' is based on the hit ESPN show Pardon the Interruption.

  • Kirsten Nelson was supposed to play Tony's wife, but the producers felt that she wasn't right for the part, so it was given to Wendy Makkena. The producers made minor adjustments to the pilot episode when Wendy Makkena was added to the cast, including changing the setting of the opening scene from Tony's workplace to his home and upgrading the sets.

  • The family name was originally Clineman, but it was later changed to Kleinman.

  • Dorothy was the original name for Tony's wife (Wendy Makkena), but it was later changed to Dana. The name of Daniella Monet's character was originally Lauren, but it was changed to Megan.

  • Tony makes a comment to Dana (Wendy Makkena) about her getting a paper route to which she gives an unhappy look. In an episode of Oliver Beene, Makkena's character Charlotte had a paper route.

  • Bernie won the Heisman Trophy.

  • The actor Ray Abruzzo, who plays the executive producer of the All Weather Network, introduces himself to Tony as Sal Videtti. In the closing credits he is listed as Sal Brindisi.

  • Megan's middle name is Elizabeth.

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Allusions (10)

  • Tony: It's Hammer Time!
    Hammer Time is a line from MC Hammer's song "Can't Touch This."

  • Doug Flutie: Me talking about Tiger's game is like Shaq giving free throw lessons.
    Shaquille O'Neal is a career 53.2% free throw shooter, one of the five worst in NBA history.

  • Tony: Those brave men ... fought for this country during World War II. True, when they came back they gave us McCarthyism, Vietnam and Watergate.
    McCarthyism, named after Joseph McCarthy, was a period of intense anticommunism, also known as the (second) Red Scare, which occurred in the United States from 1948 to about 1956 (or later), when the government of the United States actively persecuted the Communist Party USA, its leadership, and others suspected of being communists.

  • Tony: Mickey, have you and I ever talked about "The Greatest Generation"?
    Tom Brokaw has written books and given many speeches on the WWII veterans, whom he and many others consider to be some of the finest Americans.

  • Doug Flutie: (to Bernie) I just wanna pay my respects to a fellow Heisman winner.
    The Hesimsan Trophy is awarded annually to the best player in college football. Doug Flutie won the award in 1984 with Boston College.

  • Tony: (to Buddy) Boy, you look familiar. Have we met somewhere?
    Refers to Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight's days on Seinfeld.

  • Tony: Come on Marvin, come on Marvin.
    Tony refers to Indianapolis Colts' wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

  • Tony: (to Megan) Don't you want to be like Mia Hamm?
    Mia Hamm is widely considered as the greatest women's soccer player of all time.

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