Little Bill

What About Me?/ Happy Not Birthday To You

Season 4, Ep 3, Aired 2/20/03
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  • Episode Description
  • What About Me?: Little Bill asks his father if they can go play catch in the park, but just as they are leaving, April asks Big Bill to help her repair the computer, which she needs to use to finish her homework. Big Bill fixes the printer and the two are ready to leave again when April announces the computer crashed again. Thinking that his father will be tied up with April's problems for a while, Little Bill asks Brenda if she will take him instead; she apologizes and explains she's helping Bobby fix his bicycle. Feeling ignored, Little Bill retreats to his room and decides to pass the time observing a bird's nest outside his window. Just when the rest of the family finishes their tasks and tells Bill they can all go to the park with him, Little Bill spots one of the baby birds falling out of the nest and rushes outside to rescue it. Big Bill gets a ladder to return the bird to the nest, and calls his son a hero, pointing out that if they had left when they originally planned to, Little Bill wouldn't have been home to see the bird fall and it might have died. Happy Not Birthday To You: April is very upset and angry with herself after she misses the winning basket in a basketball tournament and loses the game for her team. She becomes so frustrated that she throws out her trophy, her ball and announces she never even wants to hear the word basketball again. Little Bill would like to find a way to cheer April up, but Bobby advises to just leave their sister alone to sulk. Determined to help, Little Bill consults Alice the Great. Alice asks him what thing tend to make him happy, and Little Bill says he loves having birthday parties. When Alice points out that April's birthday is quite a way off, Bill suggests having a "Not Birthday Party," where they still do all the things at a birthday party, just don't celebrate anyone's birthday. Bill convinces Big Bill to make April's favorite dinner, Dad's Famous Hawaiian Pizza, while Bobby and Brenda help Little Bill and Alice decorate. At dinnertime, Little Bill coerces April to finally step out of her room, and surprise her with the party; Little Bill even gives her "not birthday presents" by fishing her ball and trophy out of the trash. April thanks her family for being so considerate and allowing her to deal with her disappointment.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Phylicia Rashad

    Brenda Glover

  • Ruby Dee (I)

    Alice The Great

  • Tyler James Williams

    Bobby Glover (Season 3-4)

  • Xavier Pritchett

    Little Bill Glover

  • Monique Beasley

    April Glover

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