Little Britain

Little Britain Abroad (2)

Season 3, Ep 8, Aired 12/30/06
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  • Lou tries his best to get Andy and himself rescued. Andy's just bored, but not for long. • Before Vicky is sentenced Shelley Pollard makes a plea on behalf of her daughter. • Dudley and Ting Tong spend their honeymoon in Belgium with Dudley's brother and his new Russian bride Ivanka. • Bubbles visits a Swiss clothing boutique. • Lou brings food for Andy, strangely he's not hungry anymore. • Ting Tong finds an interesting video in a Belgium sex shop. • Dr Lawrence takes Anne to Vatican City to see the Pope. • Kenny Craig meets his match in a Portuguese hotel. • Lou faces the dangers of the sea in order to save Andy. • Mr Mann's life long search for a pirate memory game has taken him to a shop in Morocco. • At the White House, Sebastian is obsessed about the PM's suggestion of a 'special relationship'. • The UK Fat Fighters group receive a Texan replacement for Marjorie. • Ting Tong exposes Ivanka. • The Prime Minister and the President have finished their meeting. • Lou finally reaches home to find Andy safe, but how did he get there before him?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Walliams


  • Matt Lucas


  • Tom Baker


  • Anthony Stewart Head

    Prime Minister (as Anthony Head)

  • Paul McKenna


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  • Really funny- best episode. *(Some Spoilers)*

    By ShadowHawk0393, Jan 11, 2007

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  • Quotes (3)

    • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! The people here are so beautiful. Everyday I see folk who's faces I'd like to lick clean off. Foreigners however are fowl. They're hairy, dirty looking and smell of foreign! So we British have a duty to help these savages. Join me now as we take Little Britain abroad. Higher baby, get higher baby and don't ever come down! Freebass!

    • Paul McKenna: Have you read my book, 'Paul McKenna's Boost Your Confidence' by Paul McKenna? Kenny Craig: No, no I haven't. Paul McKenna: I think you'd find it very useful. There's a really good exercise in it. I could do it on you right now, if you'd like? Kenny Craig: That'd be great, thank you. Paul McKenna: Ok. Look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eye, look into the eyes, the eyes, the eyes. You're under. You are a worthless piece of scum. How dare you even think you can compete with me, the great Paul McKenna. From this moment on, you will lose all your skills of hypnotism. Your life will fall apart. You will become a tramp, a hobo, a beggar man. You will go rifling through bins, looking for a half eaten box of KFC. That is your destiny. 3,2,1 you're back in the room. Kenny Craig: Wow, that was amazing, thank you. Paul McKenna: No problem.

    • Lou: Andy, I have something I need to tell you... I love you. Andy: You're blocking the sun.

    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: October 15, 2009 on HBO Comedy

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