Little Britain

Series 3 Episode 3

Season 3, Ep 3, Aired 12/1/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Vicky has some scandel to sell to the press. • Andy wants breasts, but a magazine won't suffice. • Anne has a new job as a pianist in a posh restaurant. • An elderly couple visit Carol's travel agent to book a cruise. • A new revelation for Dudley, Ting Tong not from Pong Pong. • Sir Norman Fry explains away being caught in a compromising position in a public toilet. • Marjorie gets a bit too starstruck when Fat Fighters gets a celebrity new member • Letty, a woman obsessed by pretend frogs, reacts unexpectedly to being given a real frog. • Desiree catches Bubbles giving Roman a facial, but was he set up? • Orville the duck is spotted in a supermarket trying to keep a low profile. • Don unwisely orders another spicy meal. • Sebastian reacts badly to a book revealing the PM has a few skeletons in his cupboard • An elderly couple make a donation to the Donkey hospice • Maggie meets Judy's daughter's coloured boyfriend • Lou is stopped by the police for speeding.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Walliams


  • Matt Lucas


  • Tom Baker


  • Anthony Stewart Head

    Prime Minister (as Anthony Head)

  • Rob Brydon

    Roman De Vere

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (12)

    • Andy: (Being wheeled out of the hosptial with large breasts) I look a pillock. (Lou turns him around and goes back into the hospital).

    • Sir Norman Fry: I have a statement I would like to read. 'On Monday night, following a long meeting with the chancoler, I needed to go to the toilet. So I went to one that I knew would be open at three in the morning, on Hampstead Heath. Upon my arrival I met two men; Carlos and Edwardo, who invited me into their cubical to talk to them about government policy'.

    • Marjorie: Please welcome, from Eastenders, Charlie Slater! (The group, especially Marjorie, clap) Marjorie: Oh, I'm sorry, I called you Charlie didn't I? What's your real name, my love? Derek Martin: Derek. Derek Martin. Marjorie: (Cheerfully) Well Charlie, welcome to the group!

    • Dudley: Where exactly are you from Ting Tong? Ting Tong: Ting Tong from Tooting. Dudley: Tooting Ting Tong, not Pong Pong? Ting Tong: Tooting not Pong Pong for Ting Tong.

    • Narrator: (solemnly) And tonight's episode of Little Britain was shown as a tribute to Matt Lucas and David Walliams who are sadly still with us. Our thoughts are with their friends and family at this difficult time. Good bye.

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    Notes (2)

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 9, 2009 on HBO Comedy

    • Watched by 6.8million viewers on it's first showing.

    Trivia (5)

    • Funny place names: Slut, Upper Gonad, Aching Balls, Break Dance 2; Electric Boogaloo.

    • Funny times: Early late afternoon morning, quarter to Gino Ginelli, half - past Top Cat; the indisputable boss cat.

    • Andy the Philsopher: Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds. Lou thought Andy said that "Dumas's classic characters and their canine counterparts were decidedly lacklustre".

    • Andy the Philosopher: Plastic Surgery Lou thought Andy said that "Cosmetic enhancement was symptomatic of a sick society that worshiped the cult of youth and beauty. Anyone seeking the quick fix of physical shame was left morally wanting".

    • Contradicting the Narrator in the previous episode Vicky reaffirms that she has six children.

    Allusions (2)

    • Abi Titchmarsh: Cheeky reference to Abi Titmuss Vicky insists she'll be the next "Abi Titchmarsh" - there's no such person, but there is a certain lady called Abi Titmuss, who some time ago, had many revelations reported about her in the press. Abi Titmuss also happens to be David Walliams girlfriend.

    • Cliff Maxford: Play on the name of a real person. Vicky attempts to sell a controversial story about footballers to a publicist called Cliff Maxford. This name is a spoonerism in reference to Max Clifford a real publicist reknown for acting as agent to people trying to sell "kiss-and-tell" stories about celebrities to tabloid newspapers.

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