Little House on the Prairie

Country Girls

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 9/18/74
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  • Episode Description
  • Laura and Mary are nervous about their first day of school in Walnut Grove, but they are quickly put at ease by the genuine kindness of their new teacher and the majority of their classmates. As the girls focus on their studies, Laura clashes with a mean-spirited girl named Nellie Oleson. Later, when their teacher invites the children's families to a special presentation in the classroom, Laura must come up with her own plan of attack when she realizes that she is not prepared.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Melissa Gilbert

    Laura Elizabeth Ingalls/Wilder

  • Melissa Sue Anderson

    Mary Amelia Ingalls/Kendall (1974 - 1981)

  • Richard Bull

    Nels Oleson

  • Charlotte Stewart

    Miss Eva Beadle/Mrs. Simms (1974 - 1978)

  • Michael Landon

    Charles Ingalls (1974 - 1982)

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Imagine your first day of school AND Nellie Olseon! What a combination!

    By Lady_Lancaster, Mar 14, 2011

  • Episode 2 - Country Girls - My Review

    By loverslost, Jan 21, 2006

  • Introduction to Nellie and Willie oleson.

    By lindsayz14, Jan 22, 2008

  • Oh my, the introduction to the Olesons. They only get "better" with time!

    By crittercove, Jun 07, 2008

  • Mary and Laura have just moved to Walnut Grove and now are entering school for the first time. Both are anxious at the prospect; especially Laura. And Nellie Oleson sure doesn't help.

    By walnutgrove, May 31, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Caroline: (angry) I met Mrs. Oleson today. Charles: (understands) Oh. Caroline: If Nellie Oleson is anything like her mother, I can see why Laura's been so upset. Do you know what she told me? Charles: Hmm? Caroline: She said that brown eggs bring less yolk than white! Charles: Must be something peculiar in Minnesota. I've never heard that before. Caroline: You'd never heard it before because it isn't true! She paid me four cents less for the brown, and then she turned around and sold them to someone else for the exact same price as the white. I was buying this thread, I heard her do it!

    • Charles: (about Laura loving school) It's hard to believe that's the same little girl we could hardly get out of bed this morning. Caroline: I hoped she'd like it. I wasn't sure. Charles: Oh, she'll be fine. She sure was feisty about that Nellie Oleson. Caroline: I wonder why. Charles: You haven't met her mother.

    • Charles: (about Laura fighting with Nellie) Now, Half-Pint, you heard what I said. You won't do it again? Laura: Oh no, Pa, I promise. I won't have to. Nellie's scared of me now!

    • Laura: (overvoice) Ma gathered enough eggs to walk Mary and me into town two or three times a week. Sometimes she would tell us stories about when she was a little girl. I tried to scrunch her down in my mind and imagine her running barefoot, pigtails flying, but it never did work. She kept right on being Ma, which was all right, since we loved her a whole lot just the way she was.

    • Caroline: Charles, you were much too easy on Laura. She's not the least bit sorry about what she did. Charles: Caroline, you heard what the child said. It was Nellie's fault. Caroline: The Lord tells us to turn the other cheek. Charles: Well, I think that's a little bit easier said than done; otherwise, we'd all be wearing halos instead of homespun.

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    Notes (3)

    • Filming Locations: Filmed at Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley and Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.

    • This first season episode features some camera angles and shots of the little house that are not generally shown in later episodes. Included is an overhead from the top of the loft ladder, and one can see the far wall of the main room, which later was where the cameras stood to capture so much of the action happening around the table.

    • Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) has said that she took her earnings as an actress and put it toward breast cancer research. Stewart herself was afflicted with this disease, but she came through it.

    Trivia (22)

    • Country Girls was the very first Little House episode filmed, but it was the second episode aired.

    • Country Girls is Karen Grassle's (Caroline Ingalls) favorite episode from season one.

    • In this episode, Miss Beadle reveals to Laura that she wears a perfume called "Lemon Verbena." In later episodes, it is a scent that Caroline favors as well, and Charles gives it to her as a gift.

    • Nellie's memorable "My Home" speech also served as actress Alison Arngrim's audition piece for the role. Arngrim has said in previous interviews that she was cast very quickly.

    • Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) says that one of the reasons she felt so comfortable playing this role was because her godmother, Pauline Wilkie, was once a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in California.

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