Little House on the Prairie

Founder's Day

Season 1, Ep 24, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • With a Founder's Day event approaching for Walnut Grove, everyone prepares for a celebration complete with games and heated competition. Everyone in the Ingalls family ends up participating, most notably Charles, who finds an unlikely nemesis in the log-splitting competition.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Melissa Gilbert

    Laura Elizabeth Ingalls/Wilder

  • Dabbs Greer

    Reverend Alden

  • Melissa Sue Anderson

    Mary Amelia Ingalls/Kendall (1974 - 1981)

  • Kevin Hagen

    Dr. Hiram Baker

  • Richard Bull

    Nels Oleson

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • It's Founder's Day in Walnut Grove, and the townspeople gather to celebrate--and compete against each other in various competitions.

    By ceosmom, Jan 24, 2007

  • Founders Day means fun, laughter and stiff competition for everyone.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Mar 31, 2011

  • The Founder's Day celebration arrives with surprises in store for just about everyone.

    By DrCook920, Apr 02, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Charles: (to Laura after she loses contest) Winning's not the important thing. It's the competing, the having fun, right?

    • Laura: You had a borrowed ax until the end, and then you used your old one. Charles: (smiles) You know, you're right. Laura: Why, Pa? Charles: Well, I'll tell you, Half-Pint, Mr. Tyler is a good man with a saw, but he's a lot older than I am. When you get older, you get tired more easily, just like you winning a race with a big head start. It doesn't mean anything when you have a head start. Laura: It sure doesn't. Charles: That's why I switched the axes, so it would be even between me and Mr. Tyler. Can you understand? Laura: I suppose. Mr. Tyler sure is happy about winning. Charles: No happier than I am about losing. (hugs her)

    • Jim: I would have gotten a lot more work done if I'd had someone other than a farmer on the other end of the saw. Charles: (to Mr. Hanson) Your friend talks a lot better than he cuts. Jim: Well, now, it's not your fault you're a farmer. Charles: Well, I'm proud to be a farmer. As for running a cross cut, I'm as good as you ever were, and probably better. Jim: That's pretty strong talk coming from a farmer boy. Charles: Yeah, that's right.

    • Charles: You're strong as an ox, right? Jim: Well, I reckon. Charles: You like to work hard? Jim: Hard's the only way I know to work. Charles: Good. You've got all day to prove it.

    • Mary: (about losing the jump roping contest) If it had been anybody but Willie Oleson! I didn't even know he could jump rope. Laura: Well, he's jumping all the time, but I've never seen him use a rope.

    Notes (4)

    • Filming Locations: Filmed at Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley and Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.

    • Look at actress Karen Grassle (Caroline)'s hair in the scene where she's rubbing linament oil on Charles' back. Her hair appears to be very dark brown, unlike her typically light brown shade. Granted, this is a first season episode, and Grassle wasn't graying yet, but seeing her with what appears to be long, dark hair is rather surprising.

    • Nellie wins the hoop-rolling contest, but the judge should have disqualified her early on. Before the contestants even round the first curve, Nellie can clearly be seen picking up her hoop and running with it in her hand for a distance of at least ten feet. Furthermore, if she truly did bump Laura's hoop as Laura claimed, the judges should have also noticed that.

    • One of the earliest episodes where the character of Harriet Olesen is used as comic relief, instead of a dark, rude, snobbish woman.

    Trivia (9)

    • When Melissa Gilber (Laura) runs up to the Olesons to tell them that her Pa is going to win the tug-of-war contest, notice that when she turns around and runs off again, she briefly bumps right into the gate, avoiding a potentially major wipe-out by dodging just in time. You will see also that Richard Bull (Nels Oleson) looks a little startled when he sees Gilbert do this, and then he smiles and laughs before continuing with his lines.

    • Notice that when Jim wins the log contest and is awarded his watch and blue ribbon, the sky is completely gray, and it's obvious that a thunderstorm is about to erupt any minute. However, in the very next scene, when Laura and Charles are talking, the sky is an immaculate blue, and the sun is beaming down.

    • After getting thrown in the mud during the tug-of-war contest, Charles and Nels allegedly go to "clean up," and in the next scene, they are completely dry and spotless, with clean clothes. It's pretty unlikely that they were able to get all the mud and gunk out of their hair that quickly, even if they took full baths. Those kinds of things can take a really long time to get rid of, sometimes days.

    • Notice how strange Mary, Willie, and the other children look as they are jump-roping. It almost looks like half slow motion, half regular motion.

    • Actually, Charles' team did NOT win the tug-o-war competition. Nels was pulled into the mud, but the competition was not called. Everyone stopped to laugh, but that didn't mean the competition was over. The mistake the Charles' team made was that instead of focusing, they stopped to laugh.

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