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    I love Little House on the Prairie

    By JordanRumsey, May 18, 2015

    I am one of the bigest fans of this show i am only on season 3 but i am sucked into the show

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    I Love Little House!

    By amanda2004ok, Feb 25, 2014

    Little House on the Prairie is the best show a person could watch. Although it doesnt portray and go along with the books exactly, it has many wonderful messages. Michael Landon was an amazing man with amazing talent. The actors on the show were all wonderful and really brought their characters to life. My favorite characters on the show were Charles, Laura, Nels, Carrie, and especially Albert. Although Albert was a made up character, I am glad that Michael Landon decided to add him. I think it showed that Charles could have an amazing relationship with both a daughter and a son. Also Charles was able to have the son he always wanted. Matthew Laboryteaux did a great job as Albert. My favorite television line of all time is still the scene where Albert is sick in A Look Back to Yesterday and is told he is going to die and Charles wants to take him back to Burr Oak, Iowa to be with his Ma, brother, and sisters but Albert tells him that he doesnt want them to watch him die and that Walnut Grove was the first place that he felt like he had a family that loved him and that his best memories happened there and he says. "Take me home Pa. Take me back to Walnut Grove. I became Albert Ingalls That line still makes me tear up. Overall a great show to watch with the family!!moreless

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    The book was better

    By Raven77, Feb 18, 2014

    Well, the title of my review fits well. I just always get a bigger kick out of reading the book than watching the film. More of a reader than a movie watcher when it comes to movis based on books.

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    Great sentiment even though it strays from her memoirs

    By JenPutnoky, Oct 23, 2012

    Yes! I love this show as many of the other reviewers have said. But anyone wanting to know some interesting facts check this out: ***WARNING SPOILER FOR LAURA INGALLS WILDER BOOK SERIES*** 1st off there are no direct descendents of Charles Ingalls and Caroline Quiner Ingalls. The line stopped with Rose, Laura Ingalls daughter who gave birth to one child that did not live. Carry would marry and have step children but never any children of her own and neither did Grace. As for Mary, well there was no Adam and no husband at all. Mary wound up being a spinster who lived much of her adult life with her younger sister Carry. Mary, like the show, in real life was blind. Nellie Olsen wasn't really Nellie Olsen. She was one character made out of a few of the "bully" type girls that Laura had known growing up in the different regions. Last but not least...there was NO Albert! He is completely fictional as are Cassandra and James. Crazy isn't?? It is one thing to meander into different story lines that may not be exactly accurate but the writers of this show actually invented people. Not that they are the only ones to have done that. Well, hope you enjoyed some of these real life facts.moreless

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    love it

    By RophaApplesee, Oct 18, 2012

    i love little house on the praire.i have all your movies.i love looking at your movies evry day.great guys are the best.biggest fan

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    Little House On The Prairie Fan

    By 70TVlover, Aug 10, 2012

    I loved this show as a child, and still watch re-runs to this day.

    I realize that the TV show is nothing like the books. I guess for me, that doesn't really matter. I acquired so many other things from watching the show. Ideals which have remained with me for life. In addition to an hour of entertainment, I learned about the value of being honest, the importance of working hard, the significance of family and community, the emphasis placed on God and His central role in each family's life, (almost every show makes reference to God and the faith that people put in Him.)

    Furthermore, the series portrays a tenderness and simplicity that mesmerizes the viewer and allows them to experience "small-town" life during the 1870's~albeit Hollywood's version of the 1870's. It does provide some history in the clothing and customs of that era.

    I know that life wasn't as glamorous as Little House depicts. Ma's dress is always clean and pressed, her hands callous-free, and Pa with his broad shoulders and thick head of hair always willing to jump in and save the day. With much success, I might add.

    I do think this series provides us with an opportunity to escape for an hour into a land of wholesomeness, integrity and virtue, with a captivating and sometimes humorous plot and the ability (if we choose) to turn to our children and talk to them about what they just saw.

    And isn't that what family viewing is all about?moreless

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    Great Family Show

    By 1lawfan, Feb 20, 2012

    People have to understand that if Michael Landon didn't use some "poetic licence" the show would have lasted 1 year if that. I loved the books, but they were boring for a TV show and didn't go into much detail.

    Except for the last few years, when he should have let it go, he did a wondeful job showing us good values and morals and my children and I still love to watch it.

    I don't think most people thought everything that happened was true to life, he discussed it a lot back then, but dispite what was going on in his own life, Mr. Landon knew the touchpoints of his audience and I'm grateful to him.moreless

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    Jesse and Frank James decide to hide out in Walnut Grove. Terror ensues for the townspeople, but hilarity ensues for those of us watching this silly, yet fun episode of LHOTP.

    By walnutgrove, Dec 06, 2011

    The shark began to circle the waters in this ridiculous Season 4 offering, but it's all in good fun and still manages to keep the viewer's interest. Miss Beadle just HAPPENS to give out an assignment on the Civil War (as Pa manages to note is "only 11 years ago so feelings are still raw" in order to remind us of the time period), so the James Brothers just HAPPEN to come to Walnut Grove (which works out perfectly for the North/South debate), and one of the students who is for the North (and opposes Mary's sympathy for the atrocities done to the South) just HAPPENS to shoot Jesse James 6 years later (he's Ford, LOL)! Wow, what a coincidence! I think the funniest moment for me was when Charles swims underwater while a bouty hunter is sealing off the town. Ludicrous but still entertaining.moreless

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    95% of what you see on the show never happened!

    By AngelDNTN, Dec 06, 2011

    As a youngster, I used to love watching this show. However, over the years growing up, I have read absolutely every thing I can get my hands on about Laura Ingalls Wilder and I cant even watch the program now because 95% of what you see on this show NEVER HAPPENED! There was no Albert. Mary was never bitter over losing her sight, never taught school, got married, much less had a child. Mr. Edwards didn't live in MN (or get married there) By the time Laura was married they lived in South Dakota. Laura and Almanzo never adopted his brother's daughter. There was no Nancy Olsen. Laura did not teach school after she was married. Almanzo didnt call Laura "Beth" it was "Bess or Bessie". I could go on and on but for a fan of Mrs. Wilder, I cant bear to watch it at all. Even the movie that was made a few years ago, I'm thinking it was called "The real Laura Ingalls Wilder" was so far from the truth I was disgusted. I only gave it a 3 insted of a 1 because it is good wholesome family entertainment but children beware...READ and learn the FACTS!!!!!moreless

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