Free Eats

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Elmer: Say, you flatfoot, call yer shots!

  • Elmer: Aw, raspberries!

  • Stymie: These babies can talk! Brisbane: (Laughs) Who ever heard of a baby that could talk? Stymie: I heard him - I asked him if he could talk and he said no! Brisbane: Well, that settles it then, doesn't it?

Notes (6)

  • The idea of a midget dressed as a baby was previously used in "Baby Clothes" (episode no. 49). It would be used again (with the midget being a criminal) in "Tiny Troubles" (episode no. 177).

  • This episode was shot probably during the late fall or early winter of 1931/32.

  • Among the Leroy Shield tunes heard in this episode are "Good Old Days," "Riding Along," "Nothing At All," "Antics," "Sliding," "Dash And Dot," "On To The Show," "Give Us A Hand," "Bride's Song," "Wishing," "Little Dancing Girl," "Candy Candy" and "Prelude."

  • Among the lawn party guests are Estelle Ettere and Lilyan Irene.

  • This was the only episode in the series to be directed by Raymond McCarey.

  • This was the first episode to feature George "Spanky" McFarland. The other kids include Stymie, Brisbane, Wheezer, Dorothy, Sherwood and Donald Haines.