Little Rascals

Readin' And Writin'

Season 10, Ep 4, Aired 2/2/32
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  • Episode Description
  • It's the first day of school, and Brisbane is reminded by his mom that if he does well, he'll grow up to be president. He'd rather be a streetcar conductor, actually. The local blacksmith tells him a story about a boy who got expelled for playing pranks on the teacher, and this suits Brisbane just fine. He proceeds to devise any number of bad deeds, culminating in bringing a mule into the classroom. Sure enough, he's sent away by Miss Crabtree. What he didn't consider was that he'd have to explain all of this to Mom.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jackie Cooper

    Jackie (1929 to 1931)

  • Jack Davis

    Jack (1922 to 1923)

  • Matthew Beard

    Stymie (1930 to 1935)

  • Eugene Lee

    Porky (1935 to 1939)

  • Robert Blake

    (originally Mickey Gubitosi) as Mickey (1939 to 1944)

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  • Quotes (2)

    • Blacksmith: Ain't you gonna go to school? Brisbane: Oh, I spose I'll have to, but I sure don't wanna. Blacksmith: Don't you wanna be president? Brisbane: Naw, I wanna be a streetcar conductor! Blacksmith: A streetcar conductor? Why? Brisbane: Boy, do they pick up the nickels! Blacksmith: (Laughs) Why, when I was a lad your age, I wanted to be president. Why, I went to school every day and I studied hard, and I led my class from spelling to geometry. Yes sir, I really wanted to be president! Brisbane: And all you turned out to be was a punk blacksmith!

    • High up grew a daffodil I couldn't hardly reach her Said I to me, "I think I will Get it for my teacher!" I climbed to get the daffodil Out on a limb so thin I tumbled down like Jack and Jill And skinned my little shin And here's the pretty daffodil I brought to my dear teacher I love her dear and I always will I'm awful glad to meet cha

    Notes (4)

    • This episode was shot probably during the mid-to-late fall of 1931.

    • Among the Leroy Shield tunes heard in this episode are "Good Old Days," "Little Dancing Girl," "Bride's Song," "Intermezzo," "Candy Candy," "Antics," "Hide And Go Seek," "Riding Along," "Dash And Dot," "The One I Love Best," "In My Canoe," "Dog Song," "Look At Him Now" and "Beautiful Lady."

    • This was the first Our Gang appearance for Kendall McComas, who played "Breezy Brisbane" throughout his one year in the series.

    • The first day of school had already provided subject matter in "School Begins" (episode no. 79) and "Teacher's Pet" (episode no. 101), and would again in "Bored Of Education" (episode no. 146). The idea of a kid disrupting class to get kicked out was reworked into "Three Smart Guys" (episode no. 218).

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