Living Single

Judging by the Cover

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 8/29/93
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  • Episode Description
  • Regine begins dating a handsome, wealthy and intelligent man named Brad Hamilton. She constantly rubs her good fortune in her friends' faces. A woman comes to the Flavor office to purchase an ad for Brad's restaurant; Synclaire is stunned to learn that she is Brad's wife. When the girls break the news to Regine, she is enraged. However, she believes Brad's claim that he will leave his wife for her, and continues to see him. Regine is devastated when Brad fails to show for their date. When she wonders why such things always happen to her, Khadijah and Max encourage her to be her own person, as she can find happiness without a man. Regine decides to go shopping. Khadijah struggles to find a new cover story after Synclaire forgets to send the interview questions to Maya Angelou. She finally settles on a feature story about married men who cheat, "the sleeping dog that lies." Tag: Girls dance to "My Girl" in bathroom while singing into hair dryers and toilet brushes. Music: "My Girl" by the Temptationsmoreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Henton

    Overton Wakefield Jones

  • Kim Coles

    Synclaire (James) Jones

  • Mel Jackson

    Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

  • Kim Fields

    Regine Hunter

  • Erika Alexander

    Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • This episode was the pilot. All the acting is over the top, but it gives a look in the lives of the ladies we would all love in just a few episodes.

    By joydisney, Aug 12, 2006

  • I loved it from the beginning.

    By shamora, Dec 28, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (14)

    • Khadijah: I might as well just give up on tryin' to get a celebrity for this cover. Syclaire: Khadijah, why don't you just write a really great cover article. Something that'll grab your readers' attention. Khadijah: You just tryin' to make me forget you lost my cover. Syclaire: Maybe. So, uh, anybody seen Regine? Khadijah: She's upstairs, gettin' ready to go out with Brad again. Kyle: So, what do you have against the brother anyway? Max: His wife.

    • (After she found out Brad was married, door bell rings) Regine: There's mister bigamy now. (Leaves to get the door) Max: It's showtime! Khadijah: It's on. (Max, Khadijah and Syclaire huddle up right by the kitchen door) Brad: Hi, baby. Regine: I am not your baby tonight. You have a wife. Brad: But, Regine... (Cuts to the girls in the kitchen) Khadijah: Right, now he talkin' bout "I was gonna tell you, baby." (Cuts to Regine and Brad) Brad: ...I was gonna tell you, baby. (Cuts to the girls) Khadijah: He'll also try, "I was just lookin' for the right time." (Cuts to Regine and Brad) Brad: I was just lookin' for the right time. (Cuts to the girls) Syclaire: How do you know everything that he's gonna say? Max: He's a man, they never vary from the script. (Cuts to Regine and Brad) Brad: Regine, I understand why you're angry. I just want a chance to explain, please? Just give me a few minutes. How about we go somewhere so we can talk. (Cuts to girls) Max: Now, she's gonna kick him to the curb. (They hear a door slam and come out to congradulate her but she left with Brad) Khadijah: I can't believe this. Syclaire: Well, that was awfully polite of her to walk him ouside.

    • Max: The bottom line is, men are nothing but speed bumps on the road to happiness. Regine: I think they're more like cheap pantyhose. At the worst possible moment, they run on you. Synclaire: But did you ever stop to think what the world would be like with no men? Khadijah: A bunch of fat, happy women and no crime. (They all laugh)

    • Regine: Why does this keep happening to me? Max: Cause you keep looking for some man to carry you. Regine: Well, what's wrong with that? Khadijah: They keep droppin' yo' ass. Regine: I mean I want a man that knows fine wine doesn't come with a twist-off cap. Khadijah: You know, I don't know how you got to be so snooty you ain't but one generation out the projects yo' damn self.

    • (About telling Regine that Brad is married) Syclaire: She'll probably apperciate us telling her. Khadijah: Wrong. She'll resent us for knowin' about it first. Max: Tell us we're makin' it up 'cause we're jealous. Khadijah: Or accuse us of trying to steal Brad. Syclaire: I say she finds out on her own. Khadijah: You ain't sayin' nothin' but a word. (Regine comes in) Regine: Great news, ladies. Brad is picking me up we're going to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. He wants to get away from the city. Max: That's not all he wants to get away from. Regine: I'm filing this man under F for fine, fabulous and my future. Somethine tells me he might like a wife. Syclaire: Oh, you know your man.

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    Notes (5)

    • The original theme song for the series was a remixed "My Girl" sung by Queen Latifah.

    • The show was originally titled My Girls.

    • In this episode, Khadijah, Synclaire and Regine live in a different apartment than the one that would be seen for the rest of the series. The front door of this apartment leads outside, rather than to the hallway connecting the brownstone apartments. Much of the interior decor is also different.

    • This episode aired on a Sunday night at 8:00, but the show then took over the 8:30 time slot.

    • The living room set used in this episode is the Family Matters set. Both series were Warner Brothers shows.

    Trivia (1)

    • This episode conflicts with the season 4 episode "Back in the Day", in which they showed what happened before the start of the series. In that episode, it shows that back then, the apartment was like it was in the episodes after this one.

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