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  • S 2012 : Ep 01.31.12


    Aired 1/31/12

  • S 50 : Ep 1

    Bah Hummducks! A Looney Tunes Christmas

    Aired 12/1/06

  • S 50 : Ep 1


    Aired 2/17/20

  • S 49 : Ep 4904

    Bugs Bunny's Easter Special

    Aired 4/7/77

  • S 49 : Ep 25

    Bugs Bunny's Creature Features

    Aired 2/1/92

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hal Smith

    Elmer Fudd

  • Mel Blanc

    Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Various Other Characters

  • June Foray


  • Larry Storch

    Cool Cat, Colonel Rimfire, Merlin the Magic Mouse, Second Banana (1968 to 1969 episodes)

  • Bea Benaderet

    Granny (original)

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  • Looney Tunes is a show that reruns classic cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester, Pepe le Pew, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn and more. These classic characters were featured in 1000+ theatrical cartoons and many prime-time specials made for TV as well as numerous classic cartoon excerpts. Looney Tunes was originally aimed at an adult audience when it aired for the first time in 1955, but unfortunately it was censored. It eventually became a show for children known as The Bugs Bunny Show in 1960, which aired on ABC. Looney Tunes made it's way to Nickelodeon along with numerous Warner Bros. classic cartoons including some of their oldest black-and-whites and almost their complete canon of '60s cartoons. This show started in 1988 and ended in 1999. Now, the Boomerang block on Cartoon Network is the only place in the US where you can still see these timeless classic characters and their animated antics.moreless

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  • Quotes (191)

    • Cecil: (to Bugs) Heeyyyy, Speedy, what kept ya? Bugs: Oh, ooh! Why, you blankety blank blank toitle! How did... How... How... Cecil: (finishing the sentence) ...and HOW about my 10 bucks?

    • Bugs: (reading) Tortoise Beats Hare. (realizes what the title states) Tortoise... Tortoise Beats Hare? (spits furiously) Tortoise Beats Hare?! Why these screwy guys don't know what they're talkin' about! What a big bunch of joiks!! (calms down) I ought to know, I woik for 'em.

    • Bugs Bunny: Where's that turtle? Let me at him! I'll show him! Where's that stupid...?

    • Little Hiawatha: I'm gonna catch me a rabbit, and I'm gonna put him right in this pot. This pot right here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's just what I'm gonna do.

    • Willoughby: (after digging a hole through a cliff) Gee! Did you see what nearly happened to me? Phew! I gotta be more careful! (falls off the edge of the cliff)

    • Leo:Its me Da lion

    • Bugs:wow trying to be master of the Jungle,and ain't even master in his own home

    • Narrator: Extra! Hare challenges tortoise! Read all about it! Hare races tortoise today! What, again? (with a other voice) The contestants says: Cecil: May the best man win. Bugs: That's Me. I can't lose, folks. I got a secret weapon. (Bugs make a sly wink) Narrator: The gambling ring says: Boss Rabbit: We're betting everything we got on the rabbit to win. In fact, we don't even think that the turtle will finish. Do we, boys? Boys: No, boss! NO!

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    Notes (355)

    • The first appearance of Bugs Bunny. Bugs' first appearance was in the 1940 Merrie Melodies short film "A Wild Hare".

    • Bugs wasn't referred to as Bugs. (In fact, he didn't have a name!)

    • Censorship - Due to pressure from Warner Bros., this cartoon was one of 11 pulled from rotation by the Cartoon Network for its 2001 "June Bugs" marathon, which was to show the complete chronology of Bugs Bunny cartoons. This is in addition to the "Censored 11" that have been withheld from distribution since 1968. The reason given was its purportedly offensive depiction of Native Americans.

    • Nominated for an Academy Award.

    • Surprisingly, this episode is not banned from Cartoon Network - it last aired in 2003 as part of the Bugs and Daffy Show. As a general rule, episodes with negative Indinan stereotypes are banned.

    • Censorship - The final gag of this cartoon originally had Bugs and Willoughby falling off two cliffs. The film was edited so that the characters only fall off a cliff once. After Bugs and Willoughby fall through the sky in a lengthy sequence, they "put on the brakes" and make a soft, feet-first landing on the ground. Bugs says to the audience, "N'yah, fooled you, didn't we?!" The dog follows with, "Yeah!" just as the cartoon fades out. Willoughby's line and the fade out to the end card are usually cut in TV versions to cover up the fact that the cartoon had been edited in such an abrupt manner prior to release in theaters.

    • The original ending, supposed a second chute has cut, lost and forget forever by Warner Bros.

    • A segment of this cartoon shows Bugs luring the black hunter running into the log so he can spin it around to point the hunter at the cliff. The same gag was also used in the Bob Clampett cartoon, "The Big Snooze" with Elmer Fudd running into the log.

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    Trivia (139)

    • the turtle beat Bugs because he cheated and he had other turtles to confuse bugs

    • This is the cartoon that led to Tex Avery leaving Warner Bros. The final gag of this cartoon originally had Bugs and Willoughby falling off another cliff, with Bugs telling the audience, "Hold on to your hats, folks. Here we go again!" Producer Leon Schlesinger didn't like the ending and cut it. According to Avery, Schlesinger thought the ending lines were too similar to the punch line of a then-popular dirty joke and therefore too risqué to be in a cartoon, and that the audience would believe there was a connection between the fall and the punch line. Avery was enraged and walked out of the studio. He was promptly suspended, and when MGM heard about it they quickly hired him.

    • the lion was after bugs because every one said that he couldn't be king of the jungle because he never caught an animal

    • In the front page of Chicago Sunday Tribunk in the newspaper scene, a article mention Adolph Hitler Commits Suicide. Even so, he's really commit suicide two years later

    • The U.S. Marine Corps was so flattered that Bugs Bunny decides to become a Marine in this film that it insisted he be officially inducted into the Corps as a private, which was done, complete with dogtags. Bugs was regularly promoted until he was officially "discharged" at the end of World War II as a Master Sergeant.

    • There was a blue border around the scene where Bugs Bunny was speaking a foriegn Hawaiian language and when a caption appears showing the translation. Same blue border around the scene where the two men wonder what they were speaking when the Hawaiian caption translation appeared! (HA-HA!)

    • When Bugs tosses the reels of his best scenes to the projectionist, he calls out "Okay, Smokey. Roll 'em." This is most likely a reference to Henry "Smokey" Garner, the cameraman and projectionist for the Leon Schlesinger studio.

    • There were two types of dog-killing scenes at the end. In the original version, the dog commits suicide. In the other version, Bugs shoots the dog in the mouth! Either way, it is too much violence and cut out of television viewings. Some may wonder why the dog is laying down on the ocean floor when watching the edited version.

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    Allusions (133)

    • LITTLE HIAWATHA: Hey, hey, did, did you see a little rabbit run by here? Which way did he go? Which way did he go? BUGS BUNNY: Him go dat way. That quote is actually spoken with the same tone of voice as the famous quote "which way did he go, George, which way did he go?" found in several later Looney Tunes.

    • Title pun: Hold the line, please

    • Red Skelton - When Bugs produces a pie from under a magic cloth. He says to the audience, quoting Red Skelton's "Mean Widdle Kid", "If I dood it, I dit a whippin'... I DOOD IT!"

    • A sequel of Tortoise Beats Hare

    • The race at the debut of this episode are a footage reuse of Tortoise Beats Hare

    • Bugs: Hey folks! Modern design. Whoo-whoo whoo-hooo! Bugs imitates crazy Daffy in this episode

    • Superman - Bugs has the same costume and changes in the same way as Superman.

    • Jack-Wabbit and the beanstalk is a parody of the fairy tale "Jack and the beanstalk".

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