Lost Girl Finds an End Date: Season 5 Will Be Its Last

By Kaitlin Thomas

Aug 25, 2014

After seemingly losing two of its major players during the madness of Season 4 (Kenzi is totally coming back, right?), it should probably come as no surprise that Lost Girl will be calling it a series after its upcoming fifth season. Anna Silk, who stars as main character Bo on the Canadian drama, announced the news via a video shared with fans Monday morning. "After five incredible seasons, we have decided that it's time for Bo's journey to come to an epic conclusion," she says in the minute-long clip, which you can watch below: 

However, with the bad news comes good news, too. As Silk said in the video, Lost Girl's fifth and final season will be expanded to 16 episodes that will air in two parts, probably in some sort of weird Breaking Bad homage. Let's hope the series doesn't end with Bo dying on the floor of the Dal after somehow saving Kenzi, because that would be sad.

You may now proceed to the comments to express your happiness that the series is getting a real conclusion or distress over knowing that we'll soon live in a world where we'll likely only see Kris Holden-Ried when he's fully clothed.

Lost Girl will premiere on Canada's Showcase network this fall, and on Syfy in 2015. 

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  • AshleyDemorest Jul 16, 2015

    not to worry according to what i read episodes 9-16 will commence on sept 6th 2015. according to this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Girl_(season_5)

  • MjCain7851 Jul 13, 2015

    i just got into this show now already going end it wow

  • MjCain7851 Jul 13, 2015

    where is

    Lost Girl Season 5, Episode 9? and this sucks they are not going keep it going

  • alexusimonmygrownwomanwor Apr 28, 2015

    Im wondering where is the rest of the episodes for season 5..im waiting to see whats going to happen next....I love the show so much..!

  • MjCain7851 Jul 13, 2015

    SAME here been waiting to watch season 5 ep 9

  • vasquezj Apr 27, 2015

    I happen to enjoy lost girl!! I think it's an epic show and always something different happening.. Please do not cancel this show.. This show rocks!

  • ChusAnge Apr 14, 2015

    Lost girl is awesome... They could continue this for more seasons.... season 6 could be when Lauren makes a human into Faye serum and tests it on her boss then makes herself into faye...And then Have it where they have to either find a way to send Bo's dad back to hell or have it to where: when Bo's dad was released someone either gets ahold of the box and let's out more creatures of hell or the creatures from hell are released when her dad was released. when that happens they can bring back Hale stating he was one of the released to return to Kenzi...Season 7 Can have Kenzi's life of human world since she's been gone... possibly find a human love along the way or reunite with Nate... And have Bo search for Kenzi and have Kenzi decide to choose her human love(Nate or new bf) or return to Hale and become a Faye... while having Dyson and Hale trying to gather more of the unwanted released souls and Trick finding out that his wife was among the released and was captured by Evony so she could try once again to take over everything while evryone's too busy with other things... which would begin season 8.... They can so do so much with this show... if Charmed can do 8 seasons this could so do 8 if not more....

  • aaronrainey37 Mar 17, 2015

    i love the show so much season 4 last episode made me cry like a baby i really wish lost girl would continue past season 5 but everything good must come to an end anna silk you are an amazing actor and very beautiful i can't wait to watch season 5

  • ChristopherCh14 Mar 04, 2015

    when will the next episodes show i have seen up to episode 8 season 5

  • nanoute Feb 25, 2015

    They don't even tell us when it's back!

  • TedJackieWhite Feb 24, 2015

    Oh man!! Can someone from Canada ship me a copy of season 5? I would of seriously moved up just to watch this final season...hell I am so close to Canada I can almost see it across the lake!! grrr

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