Fugitives In Space

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  • 8.0

    the guest stars make this a good espisode

    By curleyqlink, Apr 02, 2013

    run of the mill script, worn out scenery, dr smith gets in trouble, don gets thrown in the mix. will and the robot save the day. robot silliness that is so over used in season three. michael conrad ( hill street blues) plays the alien great and the comedy of the warden tol avery makes the story better than as written.

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  • 9.9

    One of my favorite episodes not becase of Dr. Smith but Major Don West and him are in sneakers! Oh, why couldn't Will and Dr. Robinson also been in sneakers, but such is life.

    By bmoshier, Oct 13, 2006

    There goes Dr. Smith again. Even as a child (during the original broadcast) of 10, Dr. Smith just grated me the wrong way. He was an adult and I felt more mature than him. After this episode I hoped they would leave him on the prison planet, but no such luck.

    Still I liked the episode as Dr. Smith and Major Don West were wearing the same kind of sneakers I wore everyday. I didn't really think of my sneakers as inmate wear, but after this show I started wondering what inmates wore. This gave me some fun time at the library. OK, I was a geek even at 10.

    In the end because of the sneakers this episode is one of my favorite. Afterwards when thinking about the episode, I realized I had really wanted to see Will and Dr. Robinson also wearing those sneakers. After all Will was about my age and my hero and Dr. Robinson was a Father figure. Seeing them wear the same sneakers I wore would have been confirmation my sneakers were hot stuff. Enough about me, this isn't a blog entry but a review.

    Dr. Smith is his old self; Will has to be the adult half of their team; Don is simply mad at the situation and Dr. Smith and rightly so. This episode is typical Lost In Space fun.

    For those who love the Dr. Smith character he is in true form in both mischief and in doing the right thing in the end.

    This is a good episode and for me it helped me clarify my likes, dislikes, and desires.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Dr. Smith and Major West are imprisoned by false charges in a deadly Prison Planet.

    By alesaenz18, Aug 18, 2005

    It's one of my favorite episodes, not only since to see interact Dr. Smith and Major West is always good since they are the two extremes. And my favorite scene is when the criminal offered the freedom and wealthy to Smith but he is reluctant since Don is leaving unconcious, true, he almost went after the criminal but still he showed the good side of his nature at least for a brief moment.

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