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    By PurpleNerple33, Apr 12, 2015

    Was one of my favorite shows while my Dad liked Star Trek. Yes I'm a Trek fan now as well. I never took drugs but I could have sworn there was an episode where the Robinsons made it to Alpha Centari but by the time they made it there, Earth improved their space program and had already made it to Alpha Centari before the Robinsons. Or was this another series? I was only 7 when the series was on.

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    great lost in space

    By cindybeech1, Apr 04, 2015

    Lost in space came out 3yrs b4 I was born the first serious was ok but loved all the rest of the other serious ln colour

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    Family Adventure

    By SFBarbear, Oct 20, 2012

    It was the 60's the space race was on and the televisions were tuned to Lost In Space. The first season was in B&W and was quite adventurous and serious with some very good episodes and stories.

    The second thing the show was broadcasted in color and as soon as that happened it went Hi camp. the majority of the family became supporting castes and Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot became the mainstay. Silly plots, horrible writing and even worse sets made season 2 almost unbearable.

    Season 3 went back to some season 1 formula with mild camp and was much better than season 2. Sadly the damage had been done and the plug was pulled after only 3/4 of a season.moreless

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  • 8.0


    By RockWolf, Sep 03, 2012

    Hated Dr Smith, seemed like he should have been left on 1st planet.

    The rest of the show provided great action and actors

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    Started out great, but became so overwhelmingly silly even a kid could see through it.

    By jawsthecabbie, Oct 26, 2011

    I was 11 years old when Lost in Space first hit the airwaves, and became an instant addict with the very first episode. Americas real life space program was going full guns in 1965 and I was a huge fan of that and a confirmed techno-geeksince the first grade. The first episode caught and held my attention...the Jupiter II mission was believable and mesmerizing when I was 11, and Dr. Smith was a genuine bad guy at first and not the pompous fool he was to become in later episodes. The series seemed to take the plight of the space family Robinson seriously at first, and then Irwin Allen brought out the guys in the rubber monster suits and the unbelievably naive storylines and Lost in Space quickly degenerated into the campy comedy classic it eventually became. Oh, I had my fun doing my Doctor Smith and Robot imitations like most of my contemporaries, did my share of 'Warning..DANGER Will Robinson' gags over the years, but never really got over my disappointment over the rapid decline of what could have been a really good science fiction series.moreless

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    Family gets lauched into space and is sabotaged by intruder onboard, and they are hopelessly lost in space.

    By Charlotte2, Mar 27, 2011

    This show is a classic. It brings back memories for me to when I was nine years old and watching all of the glorious reruns of Lost in Space. It has good, old family values underneath the wacky outerspace plot. Good always wins out over evil in the end. Lost in Space shows strong mother/daughter bonds as well as strong father/son bonds on a weekly basis. Good old fashion hope and faith in others were also a virtue on this show, for humans as well as aliens. Last but not least, never give up on others. How many times did Dr. Robinson give Dr. Smith a second, third, fourth chance.....every week? Those were the lessons I learned from Lost in Space when I was small. Oh yeah, the giant talking carrot was funny too.moreless

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  • 6.5

    Good show, poobut was ruined by poor script and overfocusing on Dr. Smith, the Robot, and Will.

    By Wollongonger, Oct 31, 2010

    When I saw the first episode on DVD, I was intrigued. I continued watching, an quickly fell in love with it, and I saw soon addicted to it. When it came to the 6th episode, "Welcome Stranger", I was extremely disappointed. I still can't watch it - a space cowboy, awful acting, annoying over-the-top accents, and an awful fight scene which almost looks like the early stages of a gay sex scene instead. After that, I as cautious, but the series continued excellently. The season finished on the amazing "Follow The Leader".

    I had the complete 1st Season only, and soon bought Seasons 2 & 3. I was hoping that Irwin Allen would change direction becuase, despite the 1st Season's excellence, it was getting repetetive. Dr. Smith gets family in trouble, Will disobeyes his parents' orders and becomes a young hero, the Robot making funny lines. All of this is was good, but was getting repetitive, and the other characters were somewhat getting more & more minor with each episode. I was also hoping that in the 2nd Season, the females would be able 2 take care of themselves a bit more.

    Well, I began the 2nd Season and was happy 2 see colour. But it looked stupid, it was TOO colourful. I then quickly noticed how things hadn't changed at all, and now the characters other than Dr. Smith, the Robot, and Will were almost completely forgotton. The dialogue was ridiculous, everything was re-used (such as machines, costumes), and the plots were plain stupid. No wonder the show was overshadowed by Star Trek. Thankfully, there was a good episode here and there (these were "Wreck of the Robot", "The Colonists", "The Phanton Family" and "The Android Machine"). I watched less and less frequently, before FINALLY it was over! YAY!

    After a month, I began watching the third season. Instantly, I noticed the colourfulness was significantly toned down. And in only the first episode, I noticed how it was more serious. As it progressed, I noticed how other characters were getting a bit more of a chance, but Dr. Smith was still involved in EVERYTHING. I was annoyed when I watched "The Time Merchant" because it makes Dr. Smith's hijacking of the ship a good thing! In other words, all of Dr. Smith's 'badness' was wiped out. As I kepy initial relief was smuttered a bit, because most of the episodes were OK but very forgettable, some were awful, and the only ones up to the standerd of Season 1 were "The Anti-Matter Man", "Condemned of Space", "A Day At The Zoo", "The Space Primvals", and "A Visit To A Hostile Planet". Then came te infamous "The Great Vegetable Rebellion". I was so horrified by its awfulness that I looked it up. Turns out Irwin Allen had no other idea on his mind. WTF? Why didn't he write something without Dr. Smith in it? Something focusing on Don or Maureen, who had no episodes at all? Then it finished on a medicore note, "Junkyard in Space". It doesn't suprise me that the series was cancelled.

    And there were a few problems that ran through the entire series apart from overuse of those 3 characters. For example, when an alien attacked and injured one of the family, why did it almost always have to be Don? And in a fight with an alien, Don always got pwned. Maybe it was because only Don and John were "eligable" to get into an alien fight, and John couldn't be the one pwnd, because he was the "cool father" of the family. So it was always Don. Irwin Allen unfortunately never tried anything new or different with the series, and it just seemed stupid and repetetive.

    So, in conclusion, Season 1 is great (except for "Welcome Stranger"), Season 2 is awful apart from 4 episodes, Season 3 is OK but forgettable apart from 5 episodes.moreless

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  • 3.9

    The definition of bad television

    By paulcornelius, Oct 30, 2010

    It's hard to believe people still watch this show. It was difficult enough to believe that people wasted their time on it when it first aired, back in the 1960s. But at least back then people had the excuse that they didn't know anybody. What did they have to compare it to? Rocky Jones, Space Ranger? Sorry about that, Rocky Jones fans, because you're right, Rocky Jones was King Lear, compared to Lost in Space.

    To be fair, there were a couple of OK episodes, barely, at the beginning. But as soon as the producers decided to turn everything into Dr. Smith's Kiddie Hour, what little hope the series ever had vanished into thin air.

    But, hey, John Robinson exploring the first planet with a jetpack was pretty good!moreless

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  • 8.1

    A space colony family struggles to survive when a spy/accidental stowaway throws their ship hopelessly off course.

    By Bigtymerz75, Oct 30, 2010

    I think this was the best thing that Irwin Allen ever did. Although the show drifted far away from its original synopsis,the adventures of a family in space, it eventually became the story of a boy and his robot. Bill Mumy became a hot talent in Hollywood after the series and his role as Will as the likeable son is one of TV's most endearing roles. Johnathan Harris was the villain we loved to hate as he became of another of the screen's most versatile character actors. The man showed great talent arguing with an inanimate prop and making it the hero of the show. The unnamed robot, ironically, became more dimensionally than anyone else in the show, and forget Mary Anne vs. Ginger, how many guys had crushes on Penny Robinson than on Judy ? Penny was the adorable ingenue next to the obvious Hollywood presence of Marta Kristen, the first Marilyn Monroe of the galaxy. John and June Robinson, however, slowly became less the leaders and heros of the series as they became closer to Ward and June Cleaver as they spilled out parental advice and punishments. Don West, however, remained mostly the same character without any developments in his character and past, but that can be directly blamed on the series focus between Will, the Robot and Dr. Smith while everyone else became just a little bit more than supporting roles. Despite these few faults, I still think its one of the best things to ever grace television.moreless

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